A Peak Inside Santa's Grab Bag for StockCharts' Users

Chip Anderson

Chip Anderson


Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours from your good friends at StockCharts!  

I have several important announcements I'm dying to tell you about but first a quick reminder that John, Arthur, Greg, Carl, Richard and Tom are all have articles later in this newsletter that provide perspective on this frustrating market.  You can read those articles first if you want and then come back here later.  Go ahead, I'll wait...

Are you back?  Terrific!  Here are several key things that will be happening at StockCharts in December and January:

  • Our Holiday Sale is Now On!  Subscribe/renew now for 1 year and get 2 free months of service!  How can you tell if you should renew now and take advantage of this deal?  Simple - just check to see if your account expires before June 1st, 2014.  If it does, you should renew now.  Period.  End of story.  Don't delay - the sale ends soon.
  • Vancouver BC is our Next SCU Destination!  Canadians who live west of Ontario should definitely consider coming to our SCU Seminars in Vancouver on January 17th & 18th.  You'll learn how to get the most out of StockCharts and you'll earn 5 Canadian Continuing Education credits for each seminar you attend!
  • ChartCon Speakers Announced!  Next August 8th & 9th we're going to be holding our annual ChartCon conference for StockCharts users here in Seattle.  Today I'm thrilled to announce the amazing line up of speakers we're going to have:
            John Murphy - Chief Technical Analyst,
            Alexander Elder - Author of Teach Me to Trade and Come Into My Trading Room 
    Martin Pring - Author of Technical Analysis Explained
            Richard Arms - Inventor of the Arms Index and Equivolume/Candlevolume charts
            Arthur Hill - Senior Technical Analyst,
            Chip Anderson - President,
            Greg Schnell - Senior Technical Analyst,
            Gatis Roze - Author, The Traders Journal and Tensile Trading
            Tom Bowley - Head Technical Analyst, InvestEd Central
            ...and more!
    With a line-up like that, this is a not-to-be-missed event!  Reserve August 8th and 9th on your calendar for ChartCon 2014 in Seattle.  We'll send out more details (including pricing and registration links) very soon.
  • More Candlestick Coloring Choices!  Next week, will be updating the SharpCharts bar coloring capabilities.  Soon, you will be able to customize the color of up candles and down candles so that they can be something other than black and red.  In addition, you will optionally be able to have both up AND down candlesticks have a solid fill.  Watch for an announce and blog post with details early this week.
  • Greg Schnell has officially joined the StockCharts team.  As I mentioned in my blog, this means Greg will be posting more content on our site and working on new forms of content like videos and webinars.
  • More High-Profile Authors Joining StockCharts soon.  We will be announcing the addition of several important, established market commentators to the StockCharts line-up very soon.  I'd love to spill the beans right now, but you can expect several exciting announcements of new, well known contributors between now and the end of the year.  Keep an eye on the "What's New" area of the homepage.
  • More SharpCharts Charting Features and Datasets.  We have just completed a deal to add a very large collection of charting features and market indicators to our website.  Again, unfortunately, right now I can't tell you all the details, but this will add a huge amount of additional content and capability to the website.  Look for this announcement sometime in January.
  • John Murphy's First eBook.  We are negotiating for the rights to re-publish some of John's books on our website and hope to have the first one available soon.

We are also still hard at work adding features suggested by our users - things like more ChartPacks, adjustment markers, more SCTRs, more datasets, better scanning, more educational videos, more ChartSchool articles, etc. etc. etc.  Phew!

Finally, long-time members know this but I'm going to say this anyway just to be clear:  No, we will not be raising prices when all this new stuff is added to the site.  One of the hallmarks of StockCharts is that new capabilities are constantly being added to the website making your existing membership more and more valuable over time!

Take care everyone!
- Chip


Chip Anderson
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