Things Overheard at ChartCon 2014


Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

First off, thanks again to everyone that attended ChartCon 2014 last weekend in Seattle.  From my perspective the conference was a huge success with lots of great speakers, great presentations, great discussions, great food, and great weather.  For those of you that weren't able to attend I have some good news - we were able to video tape this year's conference and we are in the process of reviewing and editing that footage right now.  Our goal is to make it available either online or via DVD in the coming months.  Stay tuned!

Things Overheard at ChartCon 2014

Here, in no particular order, are some of the many things I remember overhearing (or saying) at ChartCon 2014:

  • "Hi, I'm Chip.  Welcome to ChartCon!"
  • "Next up is the presentation I've most been looking forward to - with the exception of all the other presentations at the conference."
  • "Hey Chip, the conference so far has been wonderful!"
  • "I've learned so much - it's like drinking from a firehose."
  • "This hotel is much better than the last one."
  • "I thought they said it always rains in Seattle."
  • "I'd like to respectfully disagree with my good friend Martin."
  • "Gatis, that was Mr. Fidelity on the phone.  He has some hired goons outside who would like to have a word with you."
  • "What do you mean the flash drive is hidden inside the lanyard?"
  • "You just answered my question - 'What's the next step?' - when you told us about the new TSAA Certification Exam."
  • "I think I'll sit on a stool out in the middle of the audience.  Would that be OK?"
  • "Chip already stole all of my thunder, but I'll show you RRG charts anyway."
  • "Scanning for a three way crossover is easy!  um....  hmmm....  hang on..."
  • "Wow, why is Tom Bowley's talk so crowded?"
  • "What's a super moon?  Oh wow!"
  • "I'm so glad we were able to squeeze you in for the SCU seminar."
  • "Richard Arms has given us 100 free copies of his new book.  They are in the bookstore area.  Please do not kill each other scrambling for them."
  • "Wow, that live demo actually worked!"
  • "I'd like to respectfully disagree with my good friend John."
  • "This side is definitely my new favorite side of the audience - except for everyone else."
  • "Greg's talk on SCTRs was amazing.  Definitely going to check them out."
  • "Hello, this is Arthur Hill and you are tuned in to a live version of the Market Message coming to you from ChartCon 2014."
  • "Kellie did everything - I'm just taking credit for her hard work."
  • "Chip, I know that I'm supposed to start in 5 minutes, but could you please add just one more slide to my presentation?"
  • "I'm amazed by all the new content you've added, especially the DecisionPoint reports - those look very interesting."
  • "Hey Chip!  When's the next ChartCon?"

Again, according to everyone I talked with, it was a very fun and very informative event.  Thanks again to everyone that came!

- Chip

P.S. One of the attendees posted a more in-depth write up on many of the talks.  Click here to read it.

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