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Thanks to Everyone That Attended Our SCU Seminar in Los Angeles!


I just got back from Los Angeles where we held our first ever SCU Seminar down at Marina del Rey.  It was a wonderful event with a room full of terrific users.  We spent 8 hours going over the website's most important features in detail and while that sounds like a lot of time, I thought the day flew by very quickly.  Everyone seemed engaged and very interested in learning as much as they could about things like the "Ribbon" technique, the 3 types of indicator overlays, John Murphy's take on the markets, and much more.

Several people came up to me after the seminar and said that they learned much more than they expected to.  One person said they thought they were a pretty experienced StockCharts user and therefore expected to learn maybe one or two new things over the course of the day - however they said they actually learned 2 or 3 new things each hour of the seminar!

Our next seminar is in Seattle on June 16th.  There are just a few more slot left for that one.  Click here for more information.  We also will be holding a seminar in New York City in October.  Click here if you are interested in that.

Finally, voting for our final 2012 city has been narrowed down to the FINAL FOUR!  Dallas, Orlando, San Francisco, and Toronto are battling it out right now.  If you are interested in attending our SCU Seminar in one of those cities, please click here and register your vote right now!  Voting ends on April 1st.

- Chip

Chip Anderson
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