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Announcing "The Traders Journal" - A New Blog Full of Real-World Trading Lessons


Today we're pleased to announce the addition of Gatis Roze to our terrific collection of authors and educators here at StockCharts.  Gatis is well known throughout the Seattle area as an investing teacher.  He has taught sold-old classes at the local college here for over a decade and has been an avid user for almost as long.  Gatis' students - most of whom are established investors and traders - sign up for his courses again and again to learn about real-world investing and they are never disappointed.  But because those classes have been limited in size, Gatis has recently decided to branch out.  One of the results of that decision is his new blog here at StockCharts.

The blog is called "The Traders Journal" and will contain lessons learned from over 25 years of active trading and investing.  Gatis is a huge proponent of constantly writing down everything that happens in a journal and then periodically reviewing and distilling that journal down into a collection of lessons and best practices.

"The Traders Journal" will be a collection of articles based on lessons from Gatis' personal trading journal.  Each week, typically on Friday, he'll add another gem that can help you become a better investor.  His first article - titled "Double Your Money - Buy on Rumors" - is now available in the "Blogs" area of our website.  Everyone should take 3 minutes and read it.  If you like what you see, feel free to add a comment at the bottom of his post.  Gatis would love to hear from you.

Welcome Gatis!

- Chip

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