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"Dancing with the Trend" - A New Blog About Market Breadth by Greg Morris


Today, I'm happy to announce the return of Greg Morris to's writing team.  Greg has authored many popular books on Technical Analysis over the years including "Candlestick Charting Explained" and his latest book, "Investing with the Trend."  Earlier this year, Greg told me that he wanted to update his previous book "The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators" - an idea that I fully supported.  We then got to talking about some of the challenges of writing and promoting books these days.  In case you haven't noticed, the financial book business has changed dramatically over the past decade and Greg was looking at other options for publishing his updated book.  Greg was also very excited about our new "ChartPack" feature which allows book authors to provide their readers with live versions of all the charts from their books.

As Greg and I talked more, we came up with a plan for Greg to write his new book "slowly" - as a collection of blog articles initially published on  The process would take some time but people could read parts of the book much sooner than they normally would in the traditional publishing model.  Once all the parts of the book were published on the website, Greg would then make the combined book available in ebook and online form.  This "slow publishing" model really appealed to Greg and so he and I have been working hard to make it a reality.  This project was in fact one of the main reasons we recently partnered with Pinnacle Data - a partnership that will provide everyone with greatly improved breadth data.

So today we are taking the next step - we are launching Greg's new blog called "Dancing with the Trend."  In his first article, Greg talks about the components of market breadth data - what are they called, where do they come from and how are they used.  This educational article showcases Greg's readable writing style and his passion for teaching.  You can expect many, many more articles along these lines in the coming weeks and months as Greg continues this "slow publishing" process.  I'm confident this experiment will end up being a big treat for everyone.  Be sure to read Greg's first article and then add a comment to the bottom with your thoughts on this project.

Welcome aboard Greg!
- Chip

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Great News! I enjoyed Greg's first article about the components of market breadth data, and it was very educational as you mentioned. Greg's writing skills also stood out and I'm looking forward to future article. Thanks Chip and Greg....keep up the good work!
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