How Can I Find and Chart International Bond Yields?


StockCharts users can do a simple database search to find symbols for 10-year government bond yields for the United States, Germany, Japan and the UK. Go to the symbol catalog and enter "yield and 10" (without quotation marks). The "and" means that both words are required in the results. Users could also search for "yield and indx" to see all of our index symbols related to yields. The term "indx" insures that an index symbol will show up in the results. 

Chartists can plot these yields on the same chart using the "price - same scale" overlay. The chart below shows a scale ranging from .20% to 3.2%.  German and Japanese 10-yr yields are near the bottom. US and UK 10-yr yields are just above the mid point. The US 10-year yield is the highest of the group. The Japanese and German 10-year yields are duking it out for the lowest. 

Click this image for a live chart

Arthur Hill
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