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February 17, 2018

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Welcome to the latest edition of ChartWatchers, the newsletter for technical analysts, online investors, StockCharts users and more. In addition to this week's articles, here are a few important announcements for you:

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This Week's Articles

The Market Message

Recent Pullback in Commodities Is Likely Tied to Stock Correction

by John Murphy

Article Image

My January 27 message wrote about a bullish breakout in commodity prices to the highest level in two years. I took that as another sign that inflation pressures were starting to build. The weekly bars in Chart 1 show that bullish breakout taking place in the Bloomberg Commodity Index (circled area). During February, however, commodity prices have sold off enough to call that upside breakout

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Art's Charts

Where Did All Those New Lows Come From?

by Arthur Hill

Article Image

Stocks rebounded this week as the S&P 500 Equal-Weight Index ($SPXEW) recovered most of the losses from the previous week. On a closing basis, the index fell around 10% in nine days and then recovered around half of this loss with a 5.4% gain the last six days What a ride! Despite the strong recovery, the 10% decline did some technical damage and I was surprised by the

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The Canadian Technician

Natural Gas In February - Yes Really

by Greg Schnell

Article Image

Natural Gas has been testing the $2.60 level for two weeks now. I have placed arrows around the centre of the first quarter in each of the last six years. By watching Natural Gas closely right now, there can be a great 4-6 week trading opportunity that is not correlated to the equity market indexes. Zooming in on the daily, Natural Gas is testing the lows. I have included the Commodity...

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Trading Places

History And Fibonacci Say We Topped On Friday

by Tom Bowley

Article Image

Fear ramped up with the early February selling and a capitulatory bottom (at least short-term) printed. The Volatility Index ($VIX) doesn't hit the 40-50 zone often and, when it does, it typically coincides with a panicked selloff and bottom. The last time we saw panicked selling (before the past few weeks) was in August 2015. Let's take a trip down memory lane: The drop was a...

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InvestEd Central

Big Scores Made Possible through Extreme Patience

by John Hopkins

Article Image

I'm sure most traders get tired of being told to be patient when the market or a specific stock is climbing day after day. Missing out on nice rallies can be extremely frustrating. But if there ever was a time when patience paid off big time it was over the past few weeks. Before I share the results of some recent trade results with you I want to point out our formula at Earnings Beats, because...

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Bookstore Special

The Traders Journal

Two Icons Reveal the Same Secret to Success

by Gatis Roze

Article Image

Steve Jobs famously challenged everyone when he said, "We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else be here?" I was fortunate recently to spend a couple of days in Napa Valley at the DENT 2018 conference. There's nothing like spending quality time with lots of exceptional people to get oneself re-energized and refocused...

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Bull or Bear Market Rules?

by Erin Swenlin

Article Image

Today on MarketWatchers LIVE, I did a workshop on bull and bear market rules. You'll hear many technicians discuss "bull market rules apply" or vice versa. The question is pertinent and timely right now. The jury is still out on whether we are about to enter a bear market phase but that doesn't mean that you don't want to think about 'bear market rules'. We are currently in a bull market. Based...

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