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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

We are half-way through 2014 and so far it has been a positive year for stocks with the S&P up 5.5%, the Nasdaq up 3.5% and the Dow up 2.1%.  Small-Caps haven't participated nearly as much as their larger counterparts however.  The Russell 2000 is only up 0.1% over that same period of time. Utilities is the best performing sector for the first half of the year (up 9% relative to the S&P) with Energy and Health Care also doing well.  Consumer Cyclicals is the big loser, underperforming the S&P by over 5% so far this year.

Against that backdrop, StockCharts has also grown significantly during the first half of the year - possibly more than it has since it first debuted back in 1999.  Last month, I cataloged 30 new features that have appeared since January 1st.  There are now several more things we can add to that impressive list including:

  • SMS-based Text Message Technical Alerts
  • A Completely Revamped Historical Chart Gallery
  • Four more Market Indicators from Martin Pring (with several more to come soon)
  • Our new Facebook page

With all those new features, we've heard that things may be a bit overwhelming now.  Where to begin?  "Any recommendations, Chip?"  Well, yes.  Out of all the new things we've added this year, here's my list of Top 5 Things That All StockCharts Users Should Make Sure To Try presented in "Late Night with David Letterman" style:

#5 - Martin Pring's New "Market Roundup" Blog and Videos

Most of us learned more about technical analysis from Martin Pring.  His books are legendary and his insights into what is currently driving the markets are invaluable.  Martin is now posting his thoughts exclusively on in his new "Market Roundup" blog area.  If you are a member of StockCharts, you really need to subscribe to Martin's posts.  (To subscribe, click here, then click on "Email updates" and enter your email address.)  His addition to our commentator line-up is a huge gain for all members.

#4 - The DecisionPoint Blog

Our acquistion of earlier this year has resulted in a huge number of new features and the new "DecisionPoint" blog is the thing that ties them all together.  Erin and Carl, the team behind DecisionPoint, are now able to post detailed articles about the markets and the various new DP features.  This is another blog that you really should subscribe to.  Click here to get started.

#3 - The Online version of John Murphy's book "Charting Made Easy"

Here's a great way to save/make $20 for free - just read the new, free on-line version of John Murphy's classic book "Charting Made Easy" which is now part of our ChartSchool area.  Click here to get started.

#2 - Our "ChartWatchers" Certification Exam & Study Guide

Now members can double their loyalty discount for life simply by answering a few questions.  Sign up, read the study guide and then pass this "open book" quiz.  What could be simpler?  In addition to becoming a more knowledgeable user, you will also get yearly coupons worth 2% off of your renewal orders for every year you have been a member (as opposed to the 1% per month discount that regular members get).  Click here to get started.

and the Number One Thing That All StockCharts User Should Make Sure To Try:
#1 Our Interactive "Ranger" Date Control

Just change the "Range" settings on your chart to "Select Start/Stop" and prepare to be amazed.  After making that change, our "Ranger" slider will appear.  It's an interactive slider you can use to zoom in and out and change the start and end dates for any chart.  Click here for more information on how it works.

or wait...  sorry.  I've changed my mind.  There's just so much to choose from!
and the new Number One Thing That All StockCharts User Should Make Sure To Try:
The DecisionPoint Chart Gallery!

The new DP Chart Gallery is a completely new area of our site that could also be called "The Best of" since it contains just the charts that Carl and Erin cannout live without.  They use these charts - and you can too - to quickly determine the health of the markets using their special market indicators and long-term data.  The great thing is the page also contains easy-to-understand informaiton about each indicator making it easy to interpret the market's short and intermediate-term direction.

It has been very hard to select just five features that are "the best" - because all of our new features are very exciting including our new Historical Chart Gallery, our improved Blogs page, and our new/improved ChartPacks to name just a few more),  Despite that, the five (six really) features listed above should really help you become a better investor with a minimum of additional work on your part.

Please let me know how it goes,
- Chip

Chip Anderson
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