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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

The markets continue to lose momentum and carve out toppish type patterns on the main index charts.  We, on the other hand, continue to crank out webinars with great commentary and content for chartists like yourself.  Have you seen any of our recent ones?  No?  Good news!  Here's a link to the latest "ChartWatchers LIVE" webinar that we did just this morning with myself and John Murphy:

           ChartWatchers LIVE for June 6th with Chip Anderson and John Murphy

It really is worth a quick glance if you have the time.  And, if you don't have the time, here's my 30-second recap:

  • Me: Each weekend, back up and get a broader market perspective by reading the latest articles from John Murphy and Martin Pring (found on the Blogs page) and re-reviewing the DecisionPoint Chart Gallery.  If you have time on Sunday, also try to read the more educational articles from Gatis Roze, Greg Morris and Bruce Fraser.  (Be sure to read Arthur Hill, Tom Bowley, Greg Schnell, and Erin Heim during the week too!)
  • Me: We're about to add this really great new Index Catalog to the website and here's a link that gives you a sneak peak.  (Sorry - gotta watch the webinar to get the link.)
  • John: While the major index charts look somewhat calm, if you look at the sectors that make up the market, you'll see lots of chaos.  Dividend-oriented stocks were moving lower this past week for a variety of reasons which explains some of what happened.  The Dollar had a role also.
  • John: The 3-Month Sector Summary is really useful.  I use it every day just like this...
  • John:  I should go on vacation.  (Wait, what?)
  • Me:  You can use our Technical Ranking system (nicknamed "Scooters") to find really great stocks very easily either by using the tables on our homepage or by creating and running some very simple, straightforward scans in our Scan Engine.  During the webinar, we found 3 or 4 really promising looking candidates (YMMV).

OK - so that was the heavily condensed version.  Sound interesting?  Click the link above to hear the whole thing.  And don't forget to sign-up for our weekday webinars as well!

Take care everyone!
- Chip

P.S. Here's a link to the archive area for ALL of our past ChartWatchers LIVE webinars.  Enjoy!

Chip Anderson
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