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Scan Validation, Thicker OHLC Bars, and New Step-by-Step Articles


We've been busy working on a bunch of things during the past couple of weeks.  Today we released several of the smaller items.  (We're saving the really big one for next weekend!)  The updates include:

  • A new button on the scan results that shows you a chart based on your scan's indicators
  • Thicker OHLC and HLC bar charts
  • A whole seriers of Step-by-Step blog articles that will appear over the course of this weekend

Extra and PRO users will now see that a red icon has been added to their scan results in addition to the three icons they were familiar with.  This is actually the return of an old feature we had to remove several years ago.  Clicking on that red icon will show you a chart that contains "all" (well.. "many") of the indicators that you used in your scan.  This will allow you to easily validate that the chart meets your scan's requirements without having to change your default settings or apply a bunch of ChartStyles.

(OK, confession time - there are limits to the kind of indicators we can automatically pull out of Advanced scans.  We may not get them all for complex clauses, but we will be close.)

Here's an example of what the "Thick OHLC Bars" look like (using the new "Spruce" color scheme by the way):

Click Here for a live version.

Finally, check out our "Step-by-Step" blog for lots of new articles about common tasks that every StockCharts member needs to know about.  Topics include creating Inverted Charts, Printing, Sharing Charts with others, Fixing Login problems, and much more.  We'll be posting new articles throughout the weekend, so check back often.

- Chip

Chip Anderson
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I certainly appreciate the return of the scan validation feature. I understand that it might not pick up everything in a complex Advanced Scan, but what it can pick up is quite useful to me.
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