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Price Increase Coming on November 1st for ExtraRT Members


Our ExtraRT service provides members with realtime data from the NYSE, Nasdaq and TSX exchanges as well as realtime index data from vendors like Dow Jones, Russell, Standard & Poors and others.  Ever since we launched our ExtraRT service back in 2004, we have charged $9.95 per month more than our regular Extra service for that "official" realtime data.  That $9.95 went into paying for the so called "exchange fees" and other fees that our data vendors charge us whenever we add a new realtime subscriber to our service.

In reality, $9.95 has not covered the full cost of the "official" realtime data we provide to ExtraRT members for several years now.  Starting around 2006, data providers - especially index publishers - realized that they could start charging for various kinds of data that was previously free.  Over time, all of the major index providers (and some of the minor ones) started charging us for their realtime data.  Until now, we've been able to absorb those costs.  Unfortunately, with a new batch of price increases coming from several vendors on November 1st, we are no longer able to continue pretending that "official" realtime data costs the same as it used to.

Accordingly, on November 1st, we are going to increase the price delta between our Extra service and our ExtraRT service by $3 per month, raising the cost of "official" realtime data from $9.95 to $12.95 per month.  That will change the monthly price of ExtraRT from $34.90 to $37.90.

I want to emphasize that this change only affects our ExtraRT service.  All of our other services - including our new PRO service - will not be affected by this change.

Now, there are several things that existing ExtraRT members can do to reduce the impact of this price increase.  If you are an ExtraRT member, please consider the following options:

  • Note that this price increase will not affect you until your current subscription runs out.  The price increase only applies to future renewal orders.
  • Also note that this price increase does not go into effect until November 1st.  If you extend your account before that date, you will lock in our current, lower rate.  You can extend your account for up to 2 years by clicking here and then clicking the "Extend" button for ExtraRT.
  • You should review this article to see if our regular Extra service might work better for you.  Our Extra service is identical to our ExtraRT service except that it gets free realtime data from the BATS exchange (US stocks only).
  • You might consider upgrading to our PRO service since the price difference between ExtraRT and PRO just became less.  The PRO service includes the same "official" realtime data as ExtraRT as well as many more additional features unique to PRO.  Click here to see a complete list of PRO's features.

We're never happy about raising prices.  We've only done it once before.  But the reality is that we cannot "turn down" a price increase from a data supplier and, unfortunately, increasing data prices is probably something we will have to deal with again.  That said, we promise to continue working on ways to either keep our prices low or to increase the value of our website to match the prices that we charge.  That's what we've done for 13+ years now and I don't see that stopping anytime soon.

- Chip

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