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Calling All Testers! Our New HTML5 Version of PerfCharts Need You!


Today marks another historic step in the continuing growth of  We are happy to announce the start of Beta testing for our first HTML5 charting tool - Interactive PerfCharts!  Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.26.11 PM

So, I can hear what you are thinking right now.  You are thinking:

       "Umm...  Chip, you've had that exact same tool on your site for over a decade.  What's going on?"

Yes, that's true.  This new version is intentionally identical to our older version with one important exception - No Java Required!

As you may know, Java has become more and more difficult to use and keep up to date.  That trend only seems to be accelerating.  In addition, Java has always caused problems for people inside secure firewalls, etc.

This version of PerfCharts is based on new technology that is build directly into all modern web browsers - HTML5.  You should notice that it loads much faster and that no security warnings appear.  

(As a hidden side benefit, you might also notice that this version can be printed directly(!) - the Java version cannot.)

Anyway, we've tested it on a ton of different browser/OS configurations, but of course we cannot test them all so that's where you come in.  Click on this link, kick the tires, see if everything works just like you expect and then let me know what you think.

By the way, new technology like this requires newer web browsers.  The HTML5 version of PerfCharts works great with IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari as long as you have the latest updates.  This new version will not work with IE7 or IE8.  If you are using those outdated browsers, we'll send you over to the old Java version of PerfCharts instead.  (Yes, this is a hint that you need to upgrade to IE9 now.)

(Note to iPad/iPhone users: We are still adding touch support for the slider at the bottom.  It should be ready in about a week.)

We're going to run this Beta test for the next week or so and barring any unforeseen disasters, we'll roll it out to the entire website in 2 weeks.  So please try it out and send me your feedback using the support form on this page.

Thanks for your help!
- Chip

Chip Anderson
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Wow! Great news. Thanks. I just used it and it works very well.
you should post that it works with Opera 12.14 also
Woo hoo, HTML5. Works great and very snappy. Will log a positive ticket for a chrome user
Wow -- this is great! Quick test shows it works on both the Safari and Chrome browsers for iOS on an old (small-memory) iPad. Chip, you are steering this ship in the right direction: great leadership. Suggestion for next project: Fibbonacci overlays for iOS. Ted
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