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New Partnership with Stocks & Commodities Magazine



Today I'm thrilled to announce a new partnership between and Stocks & Commodities magazine. members can now freely search for and view all articles from all current and past issues of Stocks & Commodites magazine.  They can also view the currently edition of the magazine simply by using a new link on the "Members" page.

This means that when you now search for a topic such as "MACD" using the "Search" feature on our website, your search results will not only contain articles from our website, but now also articles from the complete Stocks & Commodities archives going back to 1982(!).  Clicking on any of those search results will take you directly to a PDF file of the actual magazine article for that topic.

In addition, as I mentioned, there is now a new link on the "Members" homepage that will take StockCharts members directly to the Stocks & Commodities website where you can read the latest issue of the magazine as well as their companion magazine Working Money.

And what is the cost for all this additional content?  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  It is totally free to members.  (And, just to be clear, we did not give anyone's name or address to S&C either.  Our Privacy Policy forbids that.)

I'd like to thank and acknowledge Jason Hutson and everyone else at Stocks & Commodities for their help with this project.  As many of you know, we have been fans and supporters of that magazine for years and I heartily recommend it to everyone I talk to.

Please let me know what you think of this new partnership in the comments section below.

- Chip




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thats huge
A win-win for all concerned. Thanks to the entire team for listening and continuing to add value.
Great job Chip! Once again take a 3-2 Pitch, with the bases loaded, and hits a Grand Slam!
Thanks. It shows your continuing commitment to helping us be successful.
You are one of the few companies that continues to provide customers with more content and services without raising the price to unreasonable levels. Really nice work and a great partnership for you, S&C and your customers!
Chip, thanks- another excellent value-add
You just keep making StockCharts better and better. Thank you for all of your good work.
Excellent new service, thanks Chip.
A big plus for Stockchart users.....thank you
Excellent!! You guys are awesome! Thank You..
What a pleasant surprise! Thank you
Great benefit, like to have broader base of knowledge to learn from.
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