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MarketCarpets v3.0 are Here!


We've just released the new 3.0 version of our MarketCarpet visual scanning tool.  Check it out!

(Click here for the live version.)

The new version has the following changes from the older version:

  • It uses HTML5 instead of requiring the Java plugin
  • It can be used by tablets and smartphones
  • It loads much faster
  • It contains 60 days of data instead of just 45
  • It initially shows you the stocks in Market Cap mode where each box is sized according to the underlying stock's market capitalization
  • It allows you to hide the "Mini-chart/Top 5" sidebar if you want
  • It automatically scales the box colors as you stretch/shrink/move the date slider
  • It shows you the ticker symbol of the stock your mouse is hovering over
  • It shows you many more ticker symbols when you turn them on with the menu option
  • It allows you to put the popup information box underneath the "Bottom 5" list if you want
  • The color scaling is less jarring
  • and much, much more!

Again, the MarketCarpet lets you quickly find outliers and clusters of similarly performing stocks.  It is like a PerfChart that can contain up to 500 different lines.  For more, please see our (currently out-of-date but soon-to-be-updated) documentation pages and videos.

Let us know what you think of these changes using our feedback page.

Chip Anderson
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