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Two Good Things Come to an End - Text and Dynamic P&F Charts


We are removing our Text-based P&F charts and our Java-based Dynamic P&F charts from the site today.  Our graphical P&F charts will continue to work just like they always have.

The removal of our Java-based Dynamic P&F charts continues our progress towards a Java-free experience for our users.  Recent security issues with Java have caused us to accelerate our progress in removing/replacing our Java-based tools.  We recently replaced our Java-based PerfCharts and Yield Curve tools with HTML5-based equivalents.  (Expect that to happen to our MarketCarpet tool shortly.)  Unfortunately, the usage for our Java-based Dynamic P&F charting tool has been very low for years and so we've decided not to re-write it.

The decision to remove of our Text-based P&F charts was much more difficult.  We would love to keep that tool around however, unfortunately, it is based on out-dated technology that Microsoft no longer supports.  That technology has become a serious security concern for us and thus we made the difficult decision to shut down this popular P&F charting tool for now.  We have looked into several possible ways to move that program on newer, more secure servers but so far we haven't had any luck.  There is a small chance we will be able to rewrite that program at some point in the future as well.

The good news is that our graphical P&F charts do not have any of the problems/issues that these two other charts have.  Our Graphical P&F charts will remain an integral part of for the foreseeable future.

If you feel strongly that we should bring back text-based P&F charts, please let us know by clicking on the following link and signing the online petition that we've created for this issue:

- Chip


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