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Greg Schnell Joins StockCharts as a Full-Time Technical Analyst


GSI am very pleased to announce that Greg Schnell has joined as a full-time time technical analyst.  As you probably know, Greg has been providing market commentary to us via his free blog - the Canadian Technician - for several years now.  Greg has also been help me present the SCU seminars in cities throughout North America.  Greg's ability to communicate technical topics clearly and understandably make his a perfect fit for StockCharts.  

By coming onboard full-time, Greg will now be contributing to the site in a wide variety of ways in addition to his blog.  For example on Thursdays, starting today, members will see Greg contributing to the Market Message area of the site.  (Also, as part of that change, members will get an additional Market Message post from John Murphy on Saturdays.)   Greg will also be contributing to our ChartSchool area, our Videos area, and our other free blogs (Mailbag, Don't Ignore This Chart, etc.).

Over time, Greg and I will be working to expand our commentary capabilities to include new technologies like webinars and online question/answer sessions as well.

Again, I am thrilled to welcome Greg onboard full-time and I'm sure that he will have a very positive impact on the site moving forward.

One last thing - This is the first of a series of announcements we will be making over the next couple of months about new market commentary content we'll be adding to our website.  We've been hard at work behind the scenes lining up some very exciting new contributors for the site that will greatly enhance the value of our commentary and tools.  Stay tuned...

Happy Holidays!
- Chip

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Congratulation to both you Greg and Stock Charts, Asger Nielsen,Camrose Ab Canada
That´s really very good - Congratulations, Greg
I've followed Gregg’s analysis for years and I've always been impressed by his rationale and experience. Great news for members!
Great addition to a fantastic team. Greg's continued work on newer ways to look at SCTR have been very thoughtful and educational.
Great news!! Greg's work on SCTR is great!! Hope to see more soon.
Congratulations Greg on a job well done.
I want to welcome you aboard full-time Greg. Continued success in 2014!
A very welcome addition. Congratulations Greg.
that is great news....stock charts keeps getting better
Congratulations, Greg. Thank Goodness it's Thursday. from Barbara Albu
I enjoy Greg's commentary so much. Congratulations to him and to StockCharts!
Congrats, and I want to add my voice to the above comments : Great addition to the site, thank you for all the analysis you have been sharing
Congrats Greg! What an accomplishment!
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