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Now You Can Set Your Own Up/Down CandleStick and Bar Colors


Today I'm happy to announce that we have just updated our SharpCharts workbench to allow two new capabilities:

1.) You can now set the "up" color and the "down" color independently for the bars/candlesticks on your chart.  If you want green bars on up days and purple bars on down days, you can now do that.

2.) You can also now use filled candlesticks for both up days and down days.  The traditional Japanese method of drawing candlesticks uses hollow candles for up days, but some people want them to be filled with a color - so we now allow that.

Here are a couple examples of charts that you can now create with these new features:




(Click on the charts above to see how they were created)

Pretty cool huh?  In order to allow this to happen, we had to move around some of the boxes in the "Chart Attributes" area of the SharpCharts workbench.  Here's what we did:

  • The "Color Prices" checkbox has been replaced with two dropdown boxes labelled "Up Color" and "Down Color"
  • You can set "Up Color" and "Down Color" to "Auto" if you don't care what color your candles are - otherwise choose whatever color you want from those dropdowns.
  • We've added a "Solid Candles" checkbox.  If that is checked, we will fill in both up candles and down candles with color.

By the way, these settings work will most chart types but not with Elder Impulse Bars - their colors are fixed.  In addition, the "Solid Candles" setting works with all "candlestick-like" chart types including CandleVolume and Heikin-Ashi.

Just to be clear, the use of these features is optional.  If you don't change things, you can still create charts that look exactly like the charts you've always used.

If you love this new feature, let us know in the comment section below.  If you have problems with this new feature, send us a message on our Support page.  If you hate that we changed something and rocked your world, well... we'd still like to hear from you in the comments below ;-).

- Chip

Chip Anderson
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Dear Sir, I just love the new feature / change for me and I have already start using it right away. Many thanks !
I like the change. I believe that color options enhance any chart.
Very good change. Thanks for your continued improvements.
You guys have always been great at providing what your user base requests and this is another example.
Great feature! Some folks are partially color blind (including mixing up black and reds), and the ability to set colors to suit one's abilities is so nice! I can see the difference now much more easily. A thousand thank yous.
Very cool new feature. I'm loving the solid red and green candles.
The addition of the new feature is much appreciated.
Great feature. Just love to personalise my charts and this addition enhances my options to do so. I appreciate the effort that has been made to implement this and other upgrades. Thanks!
Personally, I like the solid candles better than the hollow ones, especially on a volatile chart. The solid candles do make it a little bit harder to tell the difference between a Doji and a spinning top, but I am not sure that there is any significant difference. Dick Knutson
Thanks John, Chip and company. I love being able to colour the charts more and more. Thanks. Looks like fun to me
Great stuff. I love the fact that you guys continue to update the charts and allow for more customization.
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