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A Hearty Welcome to for All of Martin Pring's Subscribers!


Today I'm thrilled to announce that and are merging! is now the new home for Martin Pring's market commentary and his loyal subscribers are becoming members of as a result.

If you are one of's users, welcome!  We are very glad to see you here.

In case you missed it, here is the email message that Martin sent out earlier talking about the merger:

Dear Weekly InfoMovie Subscriber,

After many years, the Pring Infomovie Report is getting a long-needed face-lift and is taking on a new lease on life!  The InfoMovie Report will no longer be published by Pring Research, Inc., instead, we have begun a new partnership with where the report will continue to be published under the Martin Pring Market Roundup (PMR) banner and offer you a plethora of extra goodies!

As of  this weekend,  the balance of your subscription will be fulfilled by  Of course, you do not have to transfer over to if you do not wish to and are free to cancel at any time. However, we think you will find the benefits of this transition to be a win-win situation!

Here’s what you will receive:

  1. The same downloadable printed report published at least 48-times per year and a bi-monthly InfoMovie at the same cost as a full subscription to the current weekly report.
  2. In addition, you are getting a new StockCharts "Extra" subscription that includes frequent reports and videos by John Murphy, Arthur Hill, Greg Schnell and others.
  3. Your new StockCharts Extra membership also gives you the ability to save ChartLists (electronic chart books) and templates (called ChartStyles) so you can rotate through your favorite chart collections at the click of a mouse!
  4. Intraday data is also included as is the ability to scan pre-selected data lists for specific technical conditions or combinations of conditions and receive custom email alerts for the same conditions.
  5. The ability to plot several of my proprietary indicators you have seen in the InfoMovie Report such as the Bottom Fisher, the Bond, Global and Commodity Net New Highs Indicator and others, as well as StockCharts' huge inventory of internal market and sector indicators! In fact, you will be able to click on the charts in the report for a live updated link at any time!
  6. You will also be able to plot familiar “Pring” indicators such as the KST and Special K.

Prior to this year, I wasn’t familiar with the range of charting tools and data available at StockCharts, nor their vast educational resource library, but I must say, I’ve been very impressed with what I have seen, not only in terms of  technical resources and capabilities, but in particular with the ethics and competency of Chip Anderson and his team.

If you’re already a StockCharts Extra, Extra RT or Pro subscriber, StockCharts will extend your account for you automatically and you will no longer need to subscribe to the Infomovie Report because it will be included in your subscription.  If you are not already a subscriber, StockCharts will soon send you a customized email with instructions for accessing your new account.  When your new subscription expires, StockCharts will send you instructions for renewing because we will not be giving them your credit card information.  If your email security settings  are set to exclude spam be sure to allow email from "", otherwise you will not receive email notifications of  my weekly reports.

Please note that the Intermarket Review will continued to be published by Pring Research, Inc. and is unaffected by this arrangement.

I want to personally thank you for subscribing to the Infomovie Report and guarantee you will receive more than your current benefits under the new arrangement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 941-926-9664.

In the meantime,

Good Luck and Good Charting!

Martin J. Pring

Again, we'll be sending you your new credentials very soon via email.  Once you have your account information, you can log in by clicking the "Login" link in the top right corner of any page.  And, once you are logged in, you can access Martin's commentary by clicking on the "Pring's Market Roundup" link in the Commentary box on the right side of our homepage - or just click here.

As I said before, I am thrilled to welcome you to our website.  We are working hard to increase Martin's ability to communicate his market insight and educational ideas out to as many people as possible.  And if you have time to kill between Martin's updates, why not try reading some of our other award-winning authors as well?

Welcome aboard!
- Chip

Chip Anderson
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