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Announcing the "Perfect Head & Shoulders Example" Contest!


Greg Morris and I are on the hunt and we are hunting rare, exotic game that is elusive, difficult to spot and even harder to capture - chart patterns.   Not just any chart patterns either.  Not your run of the mill Double Top or Rounding Bottom pattern for us.  No sir.  We are hunting the legendary "Perfect" Head and Shoulders Reversal.  Now, before you scoff, note that I said "Perfect."   By "Perfect" I mean "Edwards & Magee" perfect.   The gold standard of H&S reversals.  Pure not only in its symmetry and in its predictive outcome, but also - and this is super important - in its VOLUME pattern.  Volume should be highest at the left shoulder and diminish throughout the pattern with smaller peaks at the head and right shoulder.

I'm talking about a Head & Shoulders reversal that meet ALL the criteria set out in our ChartSchool article and that actually looks BETTER than the examples we have in that article.

Do you think you can help us in our hunt - our sacred quest?  Terrific!  Greg and I are actually sick of hunting and have decided to turn this into a beauty contest instead.  Here's how it works:

1.) Find examples of the "Perfect" H&S pattern on daily and/or weekly charts.  Make sure it meets all of the criteria in our ChartSchool article.  (Sorry, $THHS doesn't count.)

2.) Pick the best 2 examples you can find and email the "Linkable Version" links for their charts to "contest at"

3.) In one week, Greg and I will review all of the entries and select the one that we think is the most "Perfect".  If we select the pattern you submitted, you will receive THREE FREE MONTHS OF SERVICE!  (dun, dun, DUN!)

Let the hunting begin!

Chip Anderson
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What a sneaky way to get us to read that article!
This is a great idea! Crowdsourcing tradeable chart patterns that have a high predictive power and sharing them with members. Really adds value to If you get lots of good entries, then I hope the contest becomes a regular feature.
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