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New Blogs, New Webinars and New Schedules!


First off, what do you think about the new look for our blogs?  We are moving to a "cleaner" look that works better on mobile devices and still prints well.  Currently, the new look is only available on a couple of our many blogs.  Over the next couple of weeks, we'll migrate all of the blogs over to this new design.  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

Second off, thanks to everyone that participated in our recent webinar surveys.  Your feedback was invaluable.  Congrats to Thomas Wycker, the random survey participant whose name was drawn - he has won three free months of StockCharts service!

The results of the survey were eye opening to everyone here.  They underscored to us the fact that we have (at least) two distinct audiences -  active traders that watch the market throughout each trading day and evening traders that have day jobs and limited amounts of time after work to devote to stock analysis.  We need webinars that target each of those groups better.

In addition, we discovered several other issues that people wanted us to address:

  • The preferred time duration for a show is one hour or less.  Many people are looking for an evening show that is only 30 minutes long.
  • There was confusion over the "Market Roundup" show that was shared by both Martin Pring and Greg Schnell.
  • Lots of chart requests during a show can be frustrating because viewers don't know if charts they are interested in will actually be covered.
  • It is important to give viewers a concrete list of the topics that will be covered during the webinar at the start of the show so they can leave early if they are not interested.
  • and lots and lots of other stuff.

Again, THANKS for all your feedback.

So - given that feedback, what are we going to do about it?  Well, starting this week we have been shifting things around some and making lots of small changes to try and address these concerns.  Specifically, here are the changes we are making:

  1. Tom Bowley's "Trading Places LIVE" web show will be our main webinar for the "Active Trader" crowd that watches the market throughout the day.  The show will now run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting at Noon eastern.  It will last for one hour.  Tom will try to be more focused on providing specific market commentary and opinions.  He will also take chart requests - but not as many as before.
  2. Tom will try to post an article in his blog every morning before the market opens with even more short-term market analysis for active traders.
  3. Arthur Hill's "Art's Charts LIVE" web show will remain unchanged and will still run on Tuesdays at 1pm eastern.
  4. Arthur's blog will be relocated from the "Market Message" area to our regular "Blogs" area.  It will remain a "members-only" blog however.
  5. The recorded Market Message videos that Arthur posts will now appear as posts inside the "Art's Charts" blog.
  6. To reduce confusion, John Murphy will be the exclusive contributor to the "John Murphy's Market Message" commentary area going forward.
  7. Similarly, to reduce confusion, Martin Pring will be the exclusive contributor to the "Martin Pring's Market Round-up" blog going forward.
  8. Greg Schnell will now post his broad intermarket analysis in a new blog called "Commodities Countdown".  He will also review that analysis every Thursday at 5pm eastern during his new one-hour webinar called "Commodities Countdown LIVE."
  9. Every other week on Tuesday afternoon, Martin Pring will share his thoughts on the "Martin Pring's Market Round-up" webinar.  Greg Schnell will host that show with Martin on Tuesdays at 5pm eastern.
  10. On the weeks when Martin Pring is not presenting, Greg Schnell will host his new "Canadian Technician" webinar which will be focused on market analysis for Canadian investors.  That webinar will run every other Tuesday at 5pm eastern.
  11. Erin Heim will continue to host the DecisionPoint webinar at 7pm on Wednesdays.  The show has been reduced to 30 minutes in length and Erin will focus exclusively on reviewing the DP timing signals and what they are saying about the coming days.  This show will be the our main webinar for "Evening Traders" who don't have tons of time.  Erin's show also has a new name to reflect its new focus - "The DecisionPoint Report with Erin Heim."
  12. "The DecisionPoint Report with Erin Heim" will also run on Friday evenings at 7pm so that Erin can review the weekly DP signals as soon as they are finalized.
  13. Finally, the "ChartWatchers LIVE" webinar on Saturdays will remain unchanged.

Whew!  That seems like a lot of changes but it really isn't.  Much of this is just small tweaks to our existing line-up.  Here's a graphic version of the new webinar schedule:

Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

- Chip


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