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Can This Chemical Company (FMC) Start To Accelerate With Lithium?


FMC Corp is a large cap specialty chemicals manufacturer in the materials sector. With three business divisions now, the agricultural arena dominates their earnings but the Lithium business is starting to perk up. The FMC chart below rolled over in June 2014. After breaking below the 40 Week MA, the price dropped by more than 50%. After a rough couple of years, is there any hope that this picks up soon?

Working through the chart, the SCTR (StockCharts Technical Ranking) has moved above 75. That puts it on my radar. The Relative Strength in purple is improving as it is up slightly to new 6-month highs with the $SPX, so improving but marginal outperformance there. The price has locked in a weekly close at the highest level in 8 months which is very encouraging. The volume is still elevated and has a strong volume week on the breakout. The main point of contention is the MACD being below the zero level suggesting this could just be a bear rally. We'll need to watch closely, but the stock is starting to behave better than at any time since 2014. That should be music to a portfolio manager's ears.

 As a chemical company, it has really been a big decline that appears to be basing. Without getting into the fundamentals, this stock might get some run on an improvement in their Ag Chemicals market and Lithium. In the title of this article, I mentioned Lithium. Lithium is potentially one of the hot spaces for the next few years as it is used in the grid batteries for power storage and electric cars like the Tesla. The Lithium business is so small for FMC (5%), it is hardly worth noting. However, the rate of growth was really nice and if the rest of the business can stabilize to slightly improve, this could be the accelerator business that gives the stock upside. This could be an exciting stock to watch. I will be writing an article this week on more Lithium related stock opportunities so stay tuned for that. 

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Greg Schnell
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