Kudos to Dick Arms and StockCharts for Arms CandleVolume Charts


Honestly, we rarely get feedback as positive as the letter below.  I wanted to share it with everyone as a reminder that they should try out the Arms CandleVolume charts that we introduced last week for all the reasons Jaime mentions.  - Chip

Dear Chip,

I was floored when I stumbled upon Arms Candlevolume shortly after it became
available on over a week ago. I've been using equivolume for
many years, and it is the only chart type I use. I grew up in Albuquerque,
NM, where Mr. Arms is based, and I worked for a money management firm
affiliated with Dick Arms for a while in the late 1990s. 

As a new subscriber I wanted to thank you for all the hard work
you've put into this amazing cloud-based app. For years I used Metastock and
was frustrated with the data maintenance and cost of the program. is a disruptive technology that has dramatically changed the
way I utilize charts for the better. For the first time, I'm using all my
time analyzing charts and none of my time on data maintenance.

With regard to Arms CandleVolume, I think you've done an excellent job.
Unlike regular equivolume, I can now quickly see some of the intraday
activity in each box. As a primarily long investor, I especially look for
wide hollow boxes at the bottom of a stock's trading range. Those days, in
particular, not only show where demand is meeting supply, but if the candle
is "hollow" (white) you can quickly see a reversal taking place where the
sellers have run out of volume to dump and buyers are coming in big. This is
a great buy signal. Previously, I had to switch to intraday constantly to
get a picture of what was going on. Not all "oversquare" boxes are the same.

One comment: at first the new chart style looked a bit noisy or confusing,
especially since you leave the vertical bars outside the open and close
visible. Later I realized it's actually great you leave it visible since
there are days where the open or close is right at the high or low - the
"wick" of the candle needs to remain visible as a result.

Thank you and your developer team very much for quickly incorporating the
comments Mr. Arms made at the conference. You all provide an excellent

Jaime C.
Dallas, TX

You are very welcome Jaime. - Chip

Chip Anderson
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Certainly respect Jaime's experience and and share his opinion of SC and Equivolume - but (as an 8 year subscriber) amiably disagree about displaying the wicks and tails; too distracting for my eye. But then, that's what makes a market! Thanks for this great new tool.
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