Symbol Name Exchange
FFCF&C Claymore Preferred Securities Income FundNYSE
FCIT.LF&C Investment TrustLSE
FISAXF.I.S.T. Adjustable U.S. Government Securities FundUSMF
FISCXF.I.S.T. Convertible Securities Fund - Class AUSMF
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc.NASD
FBFacebook, Inc.NASD
FD.VFacedrive Inc.TSXV
FDSFactset Research Sys, Inc.NYSE
FICOFair Isaac & Co., Inc.NYSE
FAIR.LFair Oaks Income Fund LtdLSE
FAIRCHEM.INFairchem Speciality LimitedNSE
FAH/U.TOFairfax Africa Holdings Corp.TSE
FFH.TOFairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.TSE
FRFHFFairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.PINK
FFXDFFairfax India Holdings Corp.PINK
FIH/U.TOFairfax India Holdings Corp.TSE
FAAFXFairholme Allocation FundUSMF
FOCIXFairholme Focused Income FundUSMF
FAIRXFairholme FundUSMF
FLX.LFalanx Group LtdLSE
FPC.VFalco Pacific Resource Group Inc.TSXV
FPRGFFalco Resources Ltd.PINK
FG.VFalcon Gold Corp.TSXV
FLMNFalcon Minerals Corp.NASD
FO.VFalcon Oil & Gas Ltd.TSXV
FOG.LFalcon Oil & Gas Ltd.LSE
FOLGFFalcon Oil & Gas Ltd.PINK
FAINXFallen Angels Income FundUSMF
FDPIXFalling US Dollar ProFundUSMF
FNC.VFancamp Exploration Ltd.TSXV
FDM.CAFandom Sports Media Corp.CSE
SFUNFang Holdings Ltd.NYSE
DUOFangdd Network Group LtdNASD
FANS.CAFansunite Entertainment Inc.CSE
FAT.CAFar Resources Ltd.CSE
FRRSFFar Resources Ltd.PINK
FTCHFarfetch Ltd.NYSE
FARMFarmer Brothers Co.NASD
FMCBFarmers & Merchants BancorpPINK
FMAOFarmers & Merchants Bancorp, Inc.NASD
FMBLFarmers & Merchants Bank Long BeachPINK
FMNBFarmers National Banc Corp.NASD
FPIFarmland Partners Inc.NYSE
FAMIFarmmi, Inc.NASD
FAROFARO Technologies, Inc.NASD
FRCOYFast Retailing Co. Ltd.PINK
FASTFastenal Co.NASD
FSLYFastly, Inc.NYSE
FATFat Brands, IncNASD
FATEFate Therapeutics, Inc.NASD
FTHMFathom Holdings Inc.NASD
FBSSFauquier Bankshares, Inc.NASD
FBKFB Financial Corp.NYSE
FFGFBL Financial Group, Inc.NYSE
FBPBXFBP Contrarian Balanced FundUSMF
FBPEXFBP Contrarian Equity FundUSMF
GASFXFBR Gas Utility Index FundUSMF
FDM.LFdm Group HoldingsLSE
FERLFearless Films IncPINK
AGMFederal Agricultural MortgageNYSE
FMCKIFederal Home Loan Mortgage CorpPINK
FMCKMFederal Home Loan Mortgage CorpPINK
FMCCFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.PINK
FMCKJFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.PINK
FMCKLFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.PINK
FMCCHFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - PreferredPINK
FMCCIFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - PreferredPINK
FMCCKFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - PreferredPINK
FMCCLFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - PreferredPINK
FMCCMFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - PreferredPINK
FMCKKFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - PreferredPINK
FMCKNFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. - PreferredPINK
FNMAFederal National MortgagePINK
FNMAHFederal National Mortgage AssociationPINK
FNMAJFederal National Mortgage AssociationPINK
FNMANFederal National Mortgage AssociationPINK
FNMASFederal National Mortgage AssociationPINK
FNMATFederal National Mortgage AssociationPINK
FNMFNFederal National Mortgage AssociationPINK
FRTFederal Realty Investment TrustNYSE
FRT/PCFederal Realty Investment TrustNYSE
FSSFederal Signal Corp.NYSE
FMGOETZE.INFederal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd.NSE
FEUGXFederated Adjustable Rate Securities InstlUSMF
FDBAXFederated Bond Fund - Class AUSMF
FDBBXFederated Bond Fund - Class BUSMF
FDBCXFederated Bond Fund - Class CUSMF
ISHIXFederated Bond Fund FUSMF
CAPAXFederated Capital IncomeUSMF
CAPCXFederated Capital IncomeUSMF
CAPFXFederated Capital Income FundUSMF
CAPSXFederated Capital Income FundUSMF
LEIBXFederated Equity Income FundUSMF
LEIFXFederated Equity Income Fund - Class AUSMF
LFEIXFederated Equity Income Fund Inc. FUSMF
LEICXFederated Equity-IncomeUSMF
SBFIXFederated Global Allocation FundUSMF
FGOIXFederated Government IncomeUSMF
FGOCXFederated Government Income Securities FundUSMF
FGOAXFederated Government Income Securities Inc - Class AUSMF
FEUSXFederated Government Ultrashort FundUSMF
FGUAXFederated Government Ultrashort FundUSMF
FGUSXFederated Government Ultrashort FundUSMF
FGSAXFederated Growth Stratgy - Class AUSMF
FHIFederated Hermes, Inc.NYSE
FHIIXFederated High Income Bond Fund - Class AUSMF
FHBBXFederated High Income Bond Fund - Class BUSMF
FHICXFederated High Income Bond Fund - Class CUSMF
FHYTXFederated High Yield TrustUSMF
FITSXFederated Income Trust - Instutional Service SharesUSMF
FIHBXFederated Instl High Yield Bond InstlUSMF
INISXFederated Intermediate Corporate Bond FundUSMF
FIIFXFederated Intermediate Income FundUSMF
FIMTXFederated Intermediate Municipal TrustUSMF
FTIBXFederated International Bond FundUSMF
IHICXFederated International High IncomeUSMF
IHIAXFederated International High Income Fund - Class AUSMF
ISCCXFederated International Small Company FundUSMF
ISCAXFederated International Smalll Company Fund AUSMF
IVFAXFederated International Strategic Value Dividend Fund AUSMF
FGFAXFederated International Value FundUSMF
KLCAXFederated Kaufman Large Cap Fund AUSMF
KAUAXFederated Kaufmann Fund AUSMF
KAUBXFederated Kaufmann Fund BUSMF
KAUCXFederated Kaufmann Fund CUSMF
FKASXFederated Kaufmann Small CapUSMF
FKBSXFederated Kaufmann Small CapUSMF
FKCSXFederated Kaufmann Small CapUSMF
FKAIXFederated Kaufmann Small Cap FundUSMF
MXCCXFederated Max-Cap Fund CUSMF
FMXSXFederated Max-Cap Fund Insti SSUSMF
FISPXFederated Max-Cap IndexUSMF
QISCXFederated MDT Small Cap Core FundUSMF
QISGXFederated MDT Small Cap Growth FundUSMF
FGFSXFederated Mortgage FundUSMF
FGFIXFederated Mortgage Institutional FundUSMF
FMUAXFederated Muni and Stock Advantage FundUSMF
FMUCXFederated Muni and Stock Advantage FundUSMF
FHTFXFederated Municipal High Yield Advantage FundUSMF
PAMFXFederated Municipal Income Tr - Pennsylvania Muni IncmUSMF
FMOAXFederated Municipal Opportunities Fund, Inc., - Class AUSMF
FMOBXFederated Municipal Opportunities Fund, Inc., - Class BUSMF
LMSCXFederated Municipal Securities FundUSMF
LMSFXFederated Municipal Securities Fund, Inc. - Class AUSMF
FMUSXFederated Municipal Ultrashort FundUSMF
FMNFederated Premier Municipal Income FundNYSE
PBRIXFederated Prudent Bear FundUSMF
FTIAXFederated Short Term Income FundUSMF
FSTIXFederated Short-Term Income InstlUSMF
FSHIXFederated Short-Term Municipal TrustUSMF
FSHSXFederated Short-Term Municipal TrustUSMF
FSTBXFederated Stock & BondUSMF
FSBCXFederated Stock and Bond FundUSMF
FSBKXFederated Stock and Bond FundUSMF
FSTKXFederated Stock TrustUSMF
SINBXFederated Strategic Income FundUSMF
STIAXFederated Strategic Income Fund - Class AUSMF
SINCXFederated Strategic Income Fund - Class CUSMF
STFSXFederated Strategic Income Fund Class FUSMF
SVAAXFederated Strategic Value Dividend FundUSMF
SVAIXFederated Strategic Value FundUSMF
TLRAXFederated Total Return FundUSMF
TLRCXFederated Total Return FundUSMF
FTGSXFederated Total Return Government Bond FundUSMF
FTRGXFederated Total Return Government Bond FundUSMF
FTRBXFederated Total Return InstitutionalUSMF
FTRFXFederated Total Return Series Inc Total Return BondUSMF
FULAXFederated Total Return Series Inc Ultrashort BondUSMF
FSGTXFederated U.S. Government Securities: 1-3 Year TrustUSMF
FULBXFederated Ultrashort Bond FundUSMF
FULIXFederated Ultrashort Bond FundUSMF
FSGIXFederated US Government Securities Fund 1-3 Years Inst SrvUSMF
FSGVXFederated US Government Securities Fund 1-3 Years InstlUSMF
FIGTXFederated US Government Securities Fund 2-5 Years InstUSMF
FIGIXFederated US Government Securities Fund 2-5 Years Instl Srv ShUSMF
FNHCFedNat Holding Co.NASD
FENCFennec Pharmaceuticals Inc.NASD
FRX.TOFennec Pharmaceuticals Inc.TSE
FERG.LFerguson PlcLSE
FHBCFernhill Beverage Inc.PINK
FGPRFerrellgas Partners LPPINK
FOEFerro Corp.NYSE
FACT.INFertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd.NSE
FEVR.LFevertree DrinksLSE
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