Symbol Name Exchange
FRAN.LFranchise Brands PLCLSE
FRGFranchise Group IncNASD
FNVFranco-Nevada Corp.NYSE
FNV.TOFranco-Nevada Corp.TSE
REMCXFrank Russell Emerging Markets FundUSMF
RELCXFrank Russell Inv Company LifePoints Equity Aggressive Strategy Fund - Class CUSMF
REMSXFrank Russell Investment Company Emerging Markets Fund Class SUSMF
RALCXFrank Russell Investment Company LifePoints Aggressive Strategy Fund Cl CUSMF
RBLCXFrank Russell Investment Company LifePoints Balanced Strategy Fund Cl CUSMF
RRESXFrank Russell Investment Company Real Estate Securities Fund Class SUSMF
RETSXFrank Russell Investment Company Tax Managed Large Cap Fund Class SUSMF
RALAXFrank Russell LifePoints Aggressive Strategy FundUSMF
RALSXFrank Russell LifePoints Aggressive Strategy FundUSMF
RBLAXFrank Russell LifePoints Balanced Strategy FundUSMF
RBLSXFrank Russell LifePoints Balanced Strategy FundUSMF
RCLCXFrank Russell LifePoints Conservative Strategy FundUSMF
REAAXFrank Russell LifePoints Equity Aggressive Strategy FundUSMF
RELSXFrank Russell LifePoints Equity Aggressive Strategy FundUSMF
RMLCXFrank Russell LifePoints Moderate Strategy FundUSMF
RMLSXFrank Russell LifePoints Moderate Strategy FundUSMF
RRSCXFrank Russell Real Estate SecuritiesUSMF
RFBSXFrank Russell Short Term Bond FundUSMF
RSBCXFrank Russell Short Term Bond FundUSMF
RTLCXFrank Russell Tax-Managed Large Cap FundUSMF
RTSCXFrank Russell Tax-Managed Mid & Small Cap FundUSMF
FCSCXFranklin Adjustable GovernmentUSMF
FHAIXFranklin AGE High Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FGRAXFranklin Aggressive Growth FundUSMF
FKACXFranklin Aggressive Growth Fund - Class CUSMF
FRAAXFranklin Aggressive Growth Fund AdvisorUSMF
FTAZXFranklin Arizona Tax Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FBSRXFranklin Balance Sheet InvestmentUSMF
FCBSXFranklin Balance Sheet InvestmentUSMF
FBSAXFranklin Balance Sheet Investment AdvisorUSMF
FRBSXFranklin Balance Sheet Investment FundUSMF
FBLAXFranklin Balanced FundUSMF
FBRTFranklin BSP Realty Trust Inc.NYSE
FCAHXFranklin CA High Yield MunicipalUSMF
FCCIXFranklin CA Interm-Term Tax-Fr IncomeUSMF
FRGSXFranklin California Funds Inc. Growth Series - Class CUSMF
FCAMXFranklin California High Yield Municipal Bond - Class AUSMF
FVCAXFranklin California High Yield Municipal FundUSMF
FRCTXFranklin California Tax Free Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FCAVXFranklin California Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FKTFXFranklin California Tax-Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FRCOXFranklin Colorado Tax Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FCOIXFranklin Colorado Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FXCTXFranklin Connecticut Tax Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FCTIXFranklin Connecticut Tax-Free Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FCSZXFranklin Convertible Securities FundUSMF
FROTXFranklin Convertible Securities Fund - Class CUSMF
FCFranklin Covey Co.NYSE
FKDNXFranklin Custodian Fund Dynatech - Class AUSMF
FKGRXFranklin Custodian Fund Growth - Class AUSMF
FKINXFranklin Custodian Fund Income - Class AUSMF
FKUSXFranklin Custodian Fund US Gov SeriesUSMF
FKUTXFranklin Custodian Fund Utilities SeriesUSMF
FUSAXFranklin Custodian Funds Inc. - U.S. Government Securities AdvisorUSMF
FCGAXFranklin Custodian Funds Inc. Growth Series AdvisorUSMF
FRIAXFranklin Custodian Funds Inc. Income Series AdvisorUSMF
FRUGXFranklin Custodian Funds Inc. US Government Securities Series Cl CUSMF
BUYZFranklin Disruptive Commerce ETFAMEX
FDYZXFranklin DynaTech FundUSMF
FDYNXFranklin Dynatech Fund - Class CUSMF
FELEFranklin Electric Co., Inc.NASD
FREIXFranklin Equity IncomeUSMF
FISEXFranklin Equity Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FRETXFranklin Equity Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FKITXFranklin Federal Intermediate Term Tax Free Income FundUSMF
FCITXFranklin Federal Intermediate-Term Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FFTFXFranklin Federal Limited-Term Tax-Free IncomeUSMF
FRFTXFranklin Federal Tax Free Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FAFTXFranklin Federal Tax-Free IncomeUSMF
FKTIXFranklin Federal Tax-Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FRAFFranklin Financial Services Corp.NASD
FCFRXFranklin Floating Rate Daily AccessUSMF
FDAAXFranklin Floating Rate Daily Access FundUSMF
FLAUFranklin FTSE Australia ETFAMEX
FLCD.NEFranklin FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETFNEO
FLUR.NEFranklin FTSE Europe ex U.K. Index ETFNEO
FLJHFranklin FTSE Japan Hedged ETFAMEX
FLJA.NEFranklin FTSE Japan Index ETFNEO
FLLAFranklin FTSE Latin America ETFAMEX
FLZAFranklin FTSE South Africa ETFAMEX
FLKRFranklin FTSE South Korea ETFAMEX
FLSWFranklin FTSE Switzerland ETFAMEX
FLGBFranklin FTSE United Kingdom ETFAMEX
HELXFranklin Genomic Advancements ETFAMEX
FGAIXFranklin Georgia Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FGGE.TOFranklin Global Growth Active ETFTSE
FGADXFranklin Gold and Precious MetalsUSMF
FKRCXFranklin Gold and Precious MetalsUSMF
FRGOXFranklin Gold and Precious MetalsUSMF
FGPMXFranklin Gold and Precious Metals FundUSMF
FGSRXFranklin GrowthUSMF
FCHIXFranklin High Income FundUSMF
FHIRXFranklin High Income FundUSMF
FVHIXFranklin High Income FundUSMF
FHYIXFranklin High Yield Tax Free Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FHYVXFranklin High Yield Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FRHIXFranklin High Yield Tax-Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FISRXFranklin IncomeUSMF
FCISXFranklin Income Fund - Class CUSMF
IQMFranklin Intelligent Machines ETFAMEX
FINAXFranklin International Small Cap Growth FundUSMF
FKSCXFranklin International Smaller Companies Growth FundUSMF
FNGZXFranklin Intl Growth FundUSMF
FKBAXFranklin Investors Securities TrustUSMF
FAFRXFranklin Investors Securities Trust Fluctuating Rate Daily AccessUSMF
FAAAXFranklin K2 Alternative Strategies FundUSMF
FLGA.TOFranklin Liberty Global Aggregate Bond ETFTSE
FLHYFranklin Liberty High Yield Corporate ETFAMEX
FLCOFranklin Liberty Investment Grade Corporate ETFAMEX
FLBLFranklin Liberty Senior Loan ETFAMEX
FTSDFranklin Liberty Short Duration U.S. Government ETFAMEX
FLLVFranklin Liberty U.S. Low Volatility ETFAMEX
FLQEFranklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets ETFAMEX
FLQDFranklin LibertyQ Global Dividend ETFAMEX
FLQHFranklin LibertyQ International Equity Hedged ETFAMEX
FLQLFranklin LibertyQ U.S. Equity ETFAMEX
FLQMFranklin LibertyQ U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETFAMEX
FLUS.TOFranklin LibertyQT US Equity Index ETFTSE
FKLAXFranklin Louisiana Tax-Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FLDAXFranklin Low Duration Total Return FundUSMF
FBFZXFranklin Managed Income FundUSMF
FRDPXFranklin Managed Trust Rising Dividends FundUSMF
FMDIXFranklin Maryland Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FMDTXFranklin Maryland Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FMISXFranklin Massachusetts Insured Tax Free Income Fund - Class AUSMF
FTTMXFranklin Michigan Insured Tax Free Income Fund Cl IUSMF
FRMCXFranklin Micro Cap Value Fund - Class AUSMF
FMNJFranklin Mining Inc.PINK
FMINXFranklin Minnesota Insured Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FMOIXFranklin Missouri Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FRMOXFranklin Missouri Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FMNIXFranklin MN Insured Tax-Free IncomeUSMF
TEBIXFranklin Mutual Beacon FundUSMF
TEDIXFranklin Mutual Discovery Fund, - Class AUSMF
TEMIXFranklin Mutual European Fund, - Class AUSMF
TFSIXFranklin Mutual Financial Services Fund - Class AUSMF
TEQIXFranklin Mutual Qualified Fund, - Class AUSMF
TESIXFranklin Mutual Shares Fund Class AUSMF
TEMTXFranklin Mutual Shares Fund Class CUSMF
FNRAXFranklin Natural Resources AdvUSMF
FNCRXFranklin Natural Resources FundUSMF
FRNRXFranklin Natural Resources Fund - Class AUSMF
FNIIXFranklin New Jersey Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FNYAXFranklin New York Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FNYTXFranklin New York Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FRNJXFranklin NJ Tax-Free IncomeUSMF
FXNCXFranklin North Carolina Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FNCIXFranklin North Carolina Tax-Free Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FKNIXFranklin NY Intermediate T/F IncomeUSMF
FNYIXFranklin NY Tax Free Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FTOIXFranklin Ohio Insured Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FRORXFranklin Oregon Tax-Free Income FundUSMF
FRLAXFranklin Real Estate Securities FundUSMF
FRRSXFranklin Real Estate Securities Fund - Class CUSMF
FREEXFranklin Real Estate Securituies FundUSMF
BENFranklin Resources, Inc.NYSE
FRDRXFranklin Rising DividendsUSMF
FRDAXFranklin Rising Dividends FundUSMF
FRDTXFranklin Rising Dividends Fund - Class CUSMF
FCSGXFranklin Small Cap GrowthUSMF
FRSGXFranklin Small Cap Growth FundUSMF
FSMLXFranklin Small Cap Growth FundUSMF
FRSIXFranklin Small Cap Growth Fund - Class CUSMF
FSGAXFranklin Small Cap Growth Fund AdvisorUSMF
FSGRXFranklin Small Cap Growth Fund II - Class AUSMF
FSSAXFranklin Small Cap Growth II FundUSMF
FSSRXFranklin Small Cap Growth II FundUSMF
FRCSXFranklin Small Cap Value FundUSMF
FVADXFranklin Small Cap Value FundUSMF
FVFRXFranklin Small Cap Value FundUSMF
FSMRXFranklin Small-Mid Cap Growth FundUSMF
FBDIXFranklin Strategic Biotechnology Discovery Fund - Class AUSMF
FKSAXFranklin Strategic Income AdvisorUSMF
FKSRXFranklin Strategic Income FundUSMF
FSGCXFranklin Strategic Income Fund - Class CUSMF
FSMIXFranklin Strategic Mortgage PortfolioUSMF
FRSTXFranklin Strategic Series - Franklin Strategic Income FundUSMF
FSPFranklin Street Properties Corp.AMEX
FTCIXFranklin Templeton Conserv TargetUSMF
FTCCXFranklin Templeton Conservative Target FundUSMF
FTCRXFranklin Templeton Conservative Target FundUSMF
FTCLXFranklin Templeton Corefolio Allocation FundUSMF
FTCOXFranklin Templeton Corefolio Allocation FundUSMF
FEMDXFranklin Templeton Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities FundUSMF
FLMBFranklin Templeton ETF Trust Franklin Liberty Municipal Bond ETFAMEX
FFACXFranklin Templeton Founding AllUSMF
FFALXFranklin Templeton Founding AllUSMF
FFAAXFranklin Templeton Founding Funds Allocation FundUSMF
FFARXFranklin Templeton Founding Funds Allocation FundUSMF
FGTRXFranklin Templeton Growth Target FundUSMF
FGTIXFranklin Templeton Growth Target Fund - Class AUSMF
FTGTXFranklin Templeton Growth Target Fund - Class CUSMF
FTFFranklin Templeton Limited Duration Income TrustAMEX
FTMRXFranklin Templeton Moderate Target FundUSMF
FMTIXFranklin Templeton Moderate Target Fund - Class AUSMF
FTMTXFranklin Templeton Moderate Target Fund - Class CUSMF
FBDAXFranklin Total Return FundUSMF
FCTLXFranklin Total Return FundUSMF
FTRRXFranklin Total Return FundUSMF
FUSRXFranklin U.S. Government Securities FundUSMF
FTFranklin Universal TrustNYSE
FRURXFranklin UtilitiesUSMF
FRUAXFranklin Utilities AdvisorUSMF
FRUSXFranklin Utilities FundUSMF
FUFRXFranklin Utilities FundUSMF
FRVLXFranklin Value Fund - Class AUSMF
FRVFXFranklin Value Fund - Class CUSMF
FKWLFranklin Wireless Corp.PINK
FRAS.LFrasers Group PlcLSE
FRHCFreedom Holding Corp.NASD
FHLDFreedom Holding IncPINK
FGOVFFreegold Ventures Ltd.PINK
FVL.TOFreegold Ventures Ltd.TSE
FRHLFFreehold Royalties Ltd.PINK
FRU.TOFreehold Royalties Ltd.TSE
FRLNFreeline Therapeutics Holdings PlcNASD
FMAN.VFreeman Gold Corp.TSXV
FMANFFreeman Gold Corp.PINK
FRI.VFreeport Resources Inc.TSXV
FCXFreeport-McMoRan, Inc.NYSE
RAILFreightCar America Inc.NASD
FRE.VFremont Gold Ltd.TSXV
$CACFrench CAC 40 Index (EOD)ENXT
FEIMFrequency Electronics, Inc.NASD
FREQFrequency Therapeutics Inc.NASD
FMSFresenius Medical Care AgNYSE
FDPFresh Del Monte ProduceNYSE
VINEFresh Vine Wine Inc.AMEX
FRII.TOFreshii Inc.TSE
LOCL.TOFreshlocal Solutions Inc.TSE
FRPTFreshpet Inc.NASD
FRSHFreshworks Inc.NASD
FNLPFFresnillo PlcPINK
TGIF.CAFriday Night Inc.CSE
TGIFFFriday Night Inc.PINK
FRDFriedman Industries, Inc.AMEX
FDBLFriendable Inc.PINK
FTDRfrontdoor, inc.NASD
FEC.TOFrontera Energy CorporationTSE
FRONUFrontier Acquisition CorpNASD
FYBRFrontier Communications Parent Inc.NASD
FDEV.LFrontier Developments PLCLSE
ULCCFrontier Group Holdings Inc.NASD
LITOFFrontier Lithium Inc.PINK
FL.VFrontier Lithium, Inc.TSXV
FROFrontline Ltd.NYSE
FATRXFrost Total Return Bond FundUSMF
FIJEXFrost Total Return Bond FundUSMF
FRPHFRP Holdings, Inc.NASD
FSBWFS Bancorp, Inc.NASD
FCREXFS Credit Income FundUSMF
FCRIXFS Credit Income FundUSMF
FSKFS Investment Corp.NYSE
FSMMXFS Multi-Strategy Alternatives FundUSMF
FSMSXFS Multi-Strategy Alternatives FundUSMF
NYKAA.INFSN E-Commerce Ventures LimitedNSE
FTDZXFSS FR Bio-Tech Discovery FundUSMF
FMGGXFSS Small-Mid Cap Growth FundUSMF
BUFTFT Cboe Vest Buffered Allocation Defensive ETFAMEX
BUFGFT Cboe Vest Buffered Allocation Growth ETFAMEX
BUFRFT CBOE Vest Fund of Buffer ETFsAMEX
BUFDFT Cboe Vest Fund of Deep Buffer ETFsAMEX
QJUNFT CBOE Vest Growth-100 Buffer ETFAMEX
QMARFT Cboe Vest Growth-100 Buffer ETFAMEX
YJUNFT CBOE Vest International Equity Buffer ETFAMEX
FAPRFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETFAMEX
FFEBFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETFAMEX
FJULFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETFAMEX
FMARFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETFAMEX
FMAYFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETFAMEX
DAPRFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETFAMEX
DMARFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETFAMEX
DMAYFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETFAMEX
DNOVFT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETFAMEX
HERAUFTAC Hera Acquisition Corp.NASD
FCNFTI Consulting, Inc.NYSE
FDOCFuel Doctor Holdings Inc.PINK
FTEKFuel Tech Inc.NASD
FCELFuelCell Energy, Inc.NASD
NHHHFFuelPositive Corp.PINK
NHHH.VFuelPositive CorporationTSXV
FUJHYFuji Heavy Industries Ltd.PINK
FUJIYFujifilm Holdings Corp.PINK
FULCFulcrum Therapeutics Inc.NASD
FCRM.LFulcrum Utility Services Ltd.LSE
FLGTFulgent Genetics, Inc.NASD
FLLFull House Resorts, Inc.NASD
YMMFull Truck Alliance Co Ltd.NYSE
FTHSXFuller & Thaler Behavioral Core Equity FundUSMF
FTVSXFuller & Thaler Behavioral Mid-Cap Value FundUSMF
FTHNXFuller & Thaler Behavioral Small-Cap Equity FundUSMF
FSTA.LFuller Smith & TurnerLSE
FULTFulton Financial Corp.NASD
FUSGXFund for U.S. Government Securities - Class AUSMF
FUSBXFund for U.S. Government Securities - Class BUSMF
FUSCXFund for U.S. Government Securities - Class CUSMF
NETLFundamental Income Net Lease Real Estate ETFAMEX
AFICXFundamental InvestmentsUSMF
ANCFXFundamental Investors, Inc.USMF
FCH.LFunding Circle Holdings Ltd.LSE
FEET.LFundsmith Emerging Equities TrustLSE
HOTFXFUNDX Aggressive Upgrader FundUSMF
RELAXFUNDX Conservative Upgrader FundUSMF
INCMXFUNDX Flexible Income FundUSMF
FURYFury Gold Mines Ltd.AMEX
FURY.TOFury Gold Mines Ltd.TSE
FUSE.VFuse Cobalt Inc.TSXV
FUSEFFuse Cobalt Inc.PINK
DROPFuse Science Inc.PINK
HTOOFusion Fuel Green LtdNASD
FUSNFusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.NASD
FUTUFutu Holdings Ltd.NASD
FCONSUMER.INFuture Consumer Ltd.NSE
FEL.INFuture Enterprises Ltd.NSE
FELDVR.INFuture Enterprises Ltd.NSE
FTFTFuture FinTech Group Inc.NASD
FLFL.INFuture Lifestyle Fashions Ltd.NSE
FMNL.INFuture Market Networks LtdNSE
FRETAIL.INFuture Retail LtdNSE
FSC.INFuture Supply Chain Solutions LtdNSE
FFFutureFuel Corp.NYSE
FFHLFuwei Films (Holdings) Co. LtdNASD
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