Symbol Name Exchange
CANDC.INC & C Constructions LtdNSE
CFFIC&F Financial Corp.NASD
CBNTC-Bond Systems Inc.PINK
CMI.VC-COM Satellite SystemsTSXV
MLPCC-Tracks Miller/Howard MLP Fundamental Index ETNAMEX
CHRWC.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.NASD
CXXI.CAC21 Investments Inc.CSE
CXXIFC21 Investments Inc.PINK
C4XD.LC4X Discovery Holdings PLCLSE
CABACabaletta Bio Inc.NASD
CABOCable One, Inc.NYSE
CBTCabot Corp.NYSE
CCMPCabot Microelectronics Corp.NASD
COGCabot Oil & Gas Corp.NYSE
CBR.VCabral Gold Inc.TSXV
WHDCactus Inc.NYSE
CADECadence BancorporationNYSE
CDNSCadence Design Systems, Inc.NASD
CADILAHC.INCadila Healthcare Ltd.NSE
CSOCCaduceus Software Systems Corp.PINK
CZRCaesars Entertainment Corp.NASD
CSTECaesarstone Ltd.NASD
CAICAI International Inc.NYSE
CNE.LCairn EnergyLSE
CALMCal-Maine Foods, Inc.NASD
CLBSCaladrius Biosciences, Inc.NASD
CHYCALAMOS Convertible and High Income FundNASD
XCHYXCalamos Convertible and High Income FundUSMF
CICVXCalamos Convertible FundUSMF
CCVIXCalamos Convertible Income FundUSMF
CHICALAMOS Convertible Opportunities and Income FundNASD
XCHIXCalamos Convertible Opportunities FundUSMF
CCDCalamos Dynamic Convertible & Income FundNASD
CHWCalamos Global Dynamic Income FundNASD
CVLOXCalamos Global Growth & IncomeUSMF
CVLCXCalamos Global Growth and Income FundUSMF
XCGOXCalamos Global Total ReturnUSMF
CGOCalamos Global Total Return FundNASD
CGRIXCalamos GrowthUSMF
CGIIXCalamos Growth & IncomeUSMF
CVTRXCalamos Growth & Income FundUSMF
CVTCXCalamos Growth and IncomeUSMF
CVGRXCalamos Growth FundUSMF
CVGCXCalamos Growth Fund Class CUSMF
CAHEXCalamos Hedged Equity Income FundUSMF
CCHYXCalamos High YieldUSMF
CHYDXCalamos High YieldUSMF
CIGCXCalamos International GrowthUSMF
CIGRXCalamos International Growth FundUSMF
CVAAXCalamos Investment Trust Mid Cap ValueUSMF
CCVCXCalamos Investment Trust New Calamos ConvertibleUSMF
CPZCalamos Long/Short Equity & Dynamic Income TrustNASD
CMNIXCalamos Market NeutralUSMF
CVSCXCalamos Market NeutralUSMF
CVSIXCalamos Market NeutralUSMF
CPLIXCalamos Phineus Long Short FundUSMF
CPLSXCalamos Phineus Long Short FundUSMF
CSQCalamos Strategic Total Return FundNASD
XCSQXCalamos Strategic Total Return FundUSMF
CVGWCalavo Growers, Inc.NASD
CGC.VCaldas Gold Corp.TSXV
COAGXCaldwell & Orkin Market Opportunity FundUSMF
CWL.TOCaldwell Partners International Inc.TSE
CLDN.LCaledonia InvestmentsLSE
CMCLCaledonia Mining Corp.AMEX
CALCaleres, Inc.NYSE
CFW.TOCalfrac Well Services Ltd.TSE
CGY.TOCalian Group Ltd.TSE
CXB.TOCalibre Mining Corp.TSE
CXBMFCalibre Mining Corp.PINK
CAMPCalifornia Amplifier, Inc.NASD
CALBCalifornia BancorpNASD
CGM.CACalifornia Gold Mining Inc.CSE
CFNTXCalifornia Investment CA Tax-FreeUSMF
EQTIXCalifornia Investment Equity Income FundUSMF
SPFIXCalifornia Investment Trust - The S&P 500 Index FundUSMF
SPMIXCalifornia Investment Trust - The S&P Mid Cap Index FundUSMF
CAUSXCalifornia Investment Trust - U.S. Goverment Securities FundUSMF
CRCCalifornia Resources Corp.NYSE
CALSOFT.INCalifornia Software Co LtdNSE
PRXCXCalifornia Tax-Free Bond FundUSMF
CWTCalifornia Water Services GroupNYSE
CRGPCalissio Resources Group Inc.PINK
CALACalithera Biosciences, Inc.NASD
CALXCalix Networks Inc.NYSE
ELYCallaway Golf Co.NYSE
CALTCalliditas Therapeutics ABNASD
CLLXFCallinex Mines Inc.PINK
CNX.VCallinex Mines Inc.TSXV
CPECallon Petroleum Co. DelNYSE
CLWYCalloways Nursery, Inc.PINK
CTTCCalmare Therapeutics Inc.PINK
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products Partners L.P.NASD
CAAAXCalvert Aggressive Allocation AUSMF
CCACXCalvert Capital Accumulation FundUSMF
CCAFXCalvert Capital Accumulation Fund - Class AUSMF
CCLAXCalvert Conservative AllocationUSMF
CVMIXCalvert Emerging Markets Equity FundUSMF
CFICXCalvert Fund Income Pt.USMF
CGAEXCalvert Global Alternative Energy FundUSMF
CFWAXCalvert Global Water FundUSMF
CYBIXCalvert High Yield Bond FundUSMF
CIFCXCalvert Income FundUSMF
CINCXCalvert Income FundUSMF
CMAAXCalvert Moderate Allocation AUSMF
CSDAXCalvert Short Duration IncomeUSMF
CCVAXCalvert Small Cap Value FundUSMF
CSCCXCalvert Small Cap Value FundUSMF
CSXAXCalvert Social IndexUSMF
CISIXCalvert Social Index FundUSMF
CSXCXCalvert Social Index FundUSMF
CBDIXCalvert Social Investment Bond Portfolio FundUSMF
CEYIXCalvert Social Investment EquityUSMF
CSIBXCalvert Social Investment Fund Bond Pt.USMF
CSECXCalvert Social Investment Fund Equity PortfolioUSMF
CSIEXCalvert Social Investment Fund Equity Pt. - Class AUSMF
CSIFXCalvert Social Investment Fund Managed Growth Port. - Class AUSMF
CTTLXCalvert Tax-Free Reserves Long TermUSMF
CMJIXCalvert U.S. Mid Cap Core Responsible IndexUSMF
CULAXCalvert Ultra-Short Income FundUSMF
CCPIXCalvert World Values Fund Inc Capital Accumulation FundUSMF
CWVGXCalvert World Values Intl. Eq Fund - Class AUSMF
CWVCXCalvert World Values Intl. Equity Fund - Class CUSMF
CYX.VCalyx Bio-Ventures Inc.TSXV
CLXTCalyxt, Inc.NASD
CEICamber Energy, Inc.AMEX
CAMAXCambiar Aggressive Value Investor FundUSMF
CAMSXCambiar Conquistador FundUSMF
CAMIXCambiar International Equity FundUSMF
CAMOXCambiar Opportunity FundUSMF
CAMWXCambiar Opportunity FundUSMF
CMBMCambium Networks Corp.NASD
TOKECambria Cannabis ETFAMEX
CCORCambria Core Equity ETFAMEX
EYLDCambria Emerging Shareholder Yield ETFAMEX
FYLDCambria Foreign Shareholder Yield ETFAMEX
GAACambria Global Asset Allocation ETFAMEX
GMOMCambria Global Momentum ETFAMEX
GVALCambria Global Value ETFAMEX
SYLDCambria Shareholder Yield ETFAMEX
SOVBCambria Sovereign High Yield Bond ETFAMEX
TAILCambria Tail Risk ETFAMEX
TRTYCambria Trinity ETFAMEX
VAMOCambria Value and Momentum ETFAMEX
CATCCambridge BancorpNASD
COG.LCambridge Cognition Holdings PlcLSE
CTE.INCambridge Technology Enterprises Ltd.NSE
CACCamden National Corp.NASD
CPTCamden Property TrustNYSE
CCJCameco Corp.NYSE
CCO.TOCameco Corp.TSE
CRUUFCameo Industries Corp.PINK
COR.VCamino Minerals Corp.TSXV
CAMLINFINE.INCamlin Fine Sciences Ltd.NSE
CPBCampbell Soup Co.NYSE
CWHCamping World Holdings, Inc.NYSE
CANFCan-Fite Biopharma Ltd.AMEX
CF.TOCanaccord Financial Inc.TSE
CNE.TOCanacol Energy Ltd.TSE
CCB.VCanada Carbon Inc.TSXV
CCWOFCanada Cobalt Works, Inc.PINK
GOOSCanada Goose Holdings Inc.NYSE
GOOS.TOCanada Goose Holdings Inc.TSE
CHV.CACanada House Wellness Group Inc.CSE
CNC.VCanada Nickel Company Inc.TSXV
LL.VCanada Rare Earth Corp.TSXV
CCW.VCanada Silver Cobalt Works IncTSXV
CAR/UN.TOCanadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment TrustTSE
BK.TOCanadian Banc Recovery Corp.TSE
BK/PA.TOCanadian Banc Recovery Corp.TSE
CCANCanadian Cannabis Corp.PINK
$CADCanadian Dollar - Continuous Contract (EOD)CME
^CDZ20Canadian Dollar - Dec 2020 (EOD)CME
^CDZ21Canadian Dollar - Dec 2021 (EOD)CME
^CDM20Canadian Dollar - Jun 2020 (EOD)CME
^CDM21Canadian Dollar - Jun 2021 (EOD)CME
^CDH21Canadian Dollar - Mar 2021 (EOD)CME
$CDWCanadian Dollar - PhiladelphiaINDX
$XDCCanadian Dollar - PhiladelphiaINDX
^CDU20Canadian Dollar - Sep 2020 (EOD)CME
^CDU21Canadian Dollar - Sep 2021 (EOD)CME
$CADAUDCanadian Dollar to Australian Dollar (EOD)INDX
$CADGBPCanadian Dollar to British Pound (EOD)INDX
$CADEURCanadian Dollar to Euro (EOD)INDX
$CADHKDCanadian Dollar to Hong Kong Dollar (EOD)INDX
$CADJPYCanadian Dollar to Japanese Yen (EOD)INDX
$CADCHFCanadian Dollar to Swiss Franc (EOD)INDX
$CADUSDCanadian Dollar to US Dollar (EOD)INDX
CGI.TOCanadian General Investments, Ltd.TSE
CIQ/UN.TOCanadian High Income Equity FundTSE
CM.TOCanadian Imperial Bank Of CommerceTSE
CMCanadian Imperial Bk CommNYSE
LFE.TOCanadian Life Companies Split Corp.TSE
CME.CACanadian Metals Inc.CSE
CNICanadian National Rail Co.NYSE
CNR.TOCanadian National Railway Co.TSE
CNQCanadian Natural ResourcesNYSE
CNQ.TOCanadian Natural Resources Ltd.TSE
CPCanadian Pacific RailwayNYSE
CP.TOCanadian Pacific RailwayTSE
BULL.CACanadian Palladium Resources Inc.CSE
CSIQCanadian Solar Inc.NASD
CTC/A.TOCanadian Tire Corp, Ltd.TSE
CTC.TOCanadian Tire Corp., Ltd.TSE
CU.TOCanadian Utilities Ltd.TSE
CU/X.TOCanadian Utilities Ltd.TSE
CWB.TOCanadian Western BankTSE
CVV.VCanAlaska Uranium Ltd.TSXV
CVVUFCanAlaska Uranium Ltd.PINK
CNNACanamed4Pets IncPINK
CCM.TOCanarc Resource Corp.TSE
CRCUFCanarc Resource Corp.PINK
CLZ.VCanasil Resources Inc.TSXV
CANBCanbiola, Inc.PINK
CGIXCancer Genetics, Inc.NASD
DNT.TOCandente Copper Corp.TSE
CFP.TOCanfor Corp.TSE
CFX.TOCanfor Pulp Products Inc.TSE
ICE.TOCanlan Ice Sports Corp.TSE
CBMJCanna Consumer Goods, Inc.PINK
CNBXCannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.PINK
CGOC.CACannabis Growth Opportunity Corp.CSE
CWWBFCannabis Growth Opportunity Corp.PINK
CAAOFCannabis One Holdings IncPINK
CBIS.CACannabis One Holdings Inc.CSE
CBDSCannabis Sativa, Inc.PINK
NUGSCannabis Strategic VenturesPINK
PRRECannabis-Rx Inc.PINK
BLO.CACannabix Technologies Inc.CSE
BLOZFCannabix Technologies Inc.PINK
CNNECannae Holdings, Inc.NYSE
CGRWCannagrow Holdings, Inc.PINK
CNNXFCannAmerica Brands Corp.PINK
CANLCannLabs, Inc.PINK
PILL.CACanntab Therapeutics LimitedCSE
EIT/UN.TOCanoe EIT Income FundTSE
CAJCanon, Inc.NYSE
CGCCanopy Growth Corp.NYSE
WEED.TOCanopy Growth Corp.TSE
RIV.TOCanopy Rivers Inc.TSE
CNPOFCanopy Rivers, Inc.PINK
PBY/UN.TOCanso Credit Income FundTSE
CNTMFCansortium, Inc.PINK
ROX.VCanstar Resources Inc.TSXV
CANTABIL.INCantabil Retail India LtdNSE
CMDCantel Medical Corp.NYSE
CPHCCanterbury Park Holding Corp.NASD
CAPTXCanterbury Portfolio Thermostat FundUSMF
CD.VCantex Mine Development Corp.TSXV
CWX.TOCanWel Holdings Corp.TSE
CPX.LCap-xx LtdLSE
CAPACITE.INCapacite Infraprojects Ltd.NSE
CAPC.LCapital & Counties PropertiesLSE
CAL.LCapital & RegionalLSE
CIAOXCapital Advisors GrowthUSMF
MBA.TOCapital Alliance Group, Inc.TSE
CBNKCapital Bancorp Inc.NASD
CCBGCapital City Bank GroupNASD
CAPD.LCapital Drilling LimitedLSE
CAPEXCapital Exchange FundUSMF
CGT.LCapital Gearing TrustLSE
CIBCXCapital Income BuilderUSMF
CAIBXCapital Income Builder, Inc.USMF
COF/PFCapital One Financial CorpNYSE
COF/PICapital One Financial CorpNYSE
COFCapital One Fncl Corp.NYSE
CPX.TOCapital Power Corp.TSE
CPLPCapital Product Partners L.P.NASD
CSWCCapital Southwest Corp.NASD
CSWCLCapital Southwest CorporationNASD
CSUCapital Sr Living Corp.NYSE
CAPTRUST.INCapital Trust Ltd.NSE
CWBFXCapital World Bond Fund, Inc.USMF
WGIFXCapital World Growth and IncomeUSMF
CWGIXCapital World Growth and Income Fund, Inc.USMF
CPTACapitala Finance Corp.NASD
CPTALCapitala Finance Corp.NASD
CFFNCapitol Federal FinancialNASD
NSCOCapitol Investment Corp.NYSE
CAPLIPOINT.INCaplin Point Laboratories Ltd.NSE
CGCL.INCapri Global Capital LimitedNSE
CPRICapri Holdings Ltd.NYSE
CAPRCapricor Therapeutics, Inc.NASD
CSTRCapStar Financial Holdings, Inc.NASD
CMOCapstead Mortgage Corp.NYSE
CMO/PECapstead Mortgage Corp.NYSE
CAPCCapstone Companies, Inc.PINK
TRDFXCapstone GrowthUSMF
CNJFXCapstone Japan FundUSMF
CS.TOCapstone Mining Corp.TSE
CPSTCapstone Turbine Corp.NASD
CPIVFCaptiva Verde Land Corp.PINK
PWR.CACaptiva Verde Land Corp.CSE
CARACara Therapeutics Inc.NASD
CRRCarbo Ceramics, Inc.NYSE
CARBORUNIV.INCarborundum Universal Ltd.NSE
CARD.LCard FactoryLSE
$ADAUSDCardano to US DollarCRYPT
CDYCFCardero Resource Corp.PINK
CDIXCardiff Lexington CorpPINK
CRDFCardiff Oncology, Inc.NASD
CJ.TOCardinal Energy Ltd.TSE
CAHCardinal Health, Inc.NYSE
CDV.TOCardinal Resources Ltd.TSE
EKG.VCardioComm Solutions, Inc.TSXV
CGNHCardioGenics Holdings Inc.PINK
CRDL.TOCardiol Therapeutics, Inc.TSE
CRTPFCardiol Therapeutics, Inc.PINK
CSIICardiovascular Systems, Inc.NASD
CDLXCardlytics, Inc.NASD
CATMCardtronics Inc.NASD
CAREERP.INCareer Point Ltd.NSE
CRRX.TOCareRx CorporationTSE
CRVWCareview Communications Inc.PINK
CJT.TOCargojet Inc.TSE
CARGCarGurus, Inc.NASD
HRAUXCarillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth FundUSMF
CRL.CACarl Data Solutions Inc.CSE
CSLCarlisle Cos, Inc.NYSE
CGCarlyle Group LPNASD
KMXCarmax Inc.NYSE
CCLCarnival Corp.NYSE
CUKCarnival Plc.NYSE
CRSCarpenter Tech Corp.NYSE
CSVCarriage Services, Inc.NYSE
CARRCarrier Global Corp.NYSE
TASTCarrols Restaurant Group Inc.NASD Inc.NYSE
CRSMCarSmartt, Inc.PINK
CARECarter Bank & TrustNASD
CRICarter Holdings Inc.NYSE
ECR.VCartier Resources, Inc.TSXV
CARVCarver Bancorp, Inc.NASD
CASACasa Systems, Inc.NASD
CCD.VCascadero Copper Corp.TSXV
CAS.TOCascades, Inc.TSE
CWSTCasella Waste Systems, Inc.NASD
CASYCaseys General Stores, Inc.NASD
CASICASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NASD
CSPRCasper Sleep Inc.NYSE
CASP.LCaspian Sunrise PlcLSE
CASSCass Commercial Corp.NASD
SAVACassava Sciences, Inc.NASD
CSTLCastle Biosciences Inc.NASD
MOATXCastle Focus FundUSMF
CSLTCastlight Health, Inc.NYSE
CTRMCastor Maritime Inc.NASD
CATBCatabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NASD
CTLTCatalent, Inc.NYSE
CBIOCatalyst Biosciences Inc.NASD
CPEAXCatalyst Dynamic Alpha FundUSMF
CPEIXCatalyst Dynamic Alpha FundUSMF
CFHAXCatalyst Hedged Commodity Strategy FundUSMF
CFHIXCatalyst Hedged Commodity Strategy FundUSMF
INSAXCatalyst Insider Buying FundUSMF
MLXAXCatalyst MLP & Infrastructure FundUSMF
CPRXCatalyst Pharmaceuticals Partners Inc.NASD
CTVAXCatalyst Value FundUSMF
CLTAXCatalyst/Lyons Tactical Allocation FundUSMF
MBXAXCatalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy FundUSMF
MBXIXCatalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy FundUSMF
CFRIXCatalyst/Princeton Floating Rate Income FundUSMF
CWXAXCatalyst/Warrington Strategic Program FundUSMF
CATSCatasys Inc.NASD
CTTCatchMark Timber Trust, Inc.NYSE
CATCaterpillar, Inc.NYSE
CATYCathay Bancorp, Inc.NASD
CET.TOCathedral Energy Services Ltd.TSE
CEMVXCauseway Emerging Markets InvestorUSMF
CGAVXCauseway Global Absolute Return FundUSMF
CIVVXCauseway International Value FundUSMF
CIVIXCauseway International Value InstlUSMF
CAFGXCavalier Fundamental Growth FundUSMF
CVCOCavco Industries, Inc.NASD
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