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February 18, 2017

Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Welcome to the latest edition of ChartWatchers, the newsletter for technical analysts, online investors, StockCharts users and more. Before you dive into this week's articles, I have some important announcements for you about a few upcoming changes to our webinars and blog content.

As you know, we've been hosting daily webinars from top technicians such as Martin Pring, Arthur Hill, Greg Schnell, Tom Bowley and Erin Heim for nearly two years now. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, but the most common feedback we receive is that many folks can't catch the live webinar at its scheduled broadcast time. Instead, they watch the recorded video later on in our Webinar Archives. With this in mind, we're making a few adjustments to some of our video commentary, starting this coming week on February 20th:

In lieu of his Tuesday webinars, Arthur Hill will now post a "Weekly Market Review & Outlook" video in his Art's Charts blog at the end of each week. These videos will provide Art's same great market commentary and technical chart analysis in a video format that you can watch on your own schedule, whenever is most convenient for you!

Similarly, in lieu of his Tuesday and Thursday webinars, Greg Schnell will now post weekly videos in his two blogs, Commodities Countdown and The Canadian Technician. You'll be able to tune in to Greg's video posts whenever is most convenient for you.

Martin Pring's webinar, The Market Round-Up, will now be presented on the first Tuesday of each month. The show will continue to be hosted by Greg Schnell and will air live at 5:00pm Eastern.

Our goal is to make it even easier to follow the commentators you love in a format that's both engaging and accessible. We think Arthur and Greg's video posts will do just that. Look for these changes to hit the web this coming week!


- Grayson Roze

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This Week's Articles

The Market Message

Healthcare SPDR Turns Up, Biotechs and Pharmaceutical ETFS Show Improvement

Article Image In case you haven't noticed, the Health Care SPDR (XLV) has taken a bullish turn. Chart 1 shows the XLV breaking out of a bullish "ascending triangle" that I described in my February 4 message. At the same time, the XLV/SPX ratio (top of chart) appears to be bottoming. And while biotech and pharmaceutical stocks have improved, healthcare leadership is still coming from other...
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Bookstore Special

Art's Charts

Rethinking Support and Resistance for Indexes and ETFs

Article Image Just like potato salad in the fridge, support and resistance levels for the S&P 500 have a shelf life and become stale over time. The value of the S&P 500 is based on the price of its individual component stocks. Support and resistance levels for the index loose their importance over time because component stocks and weightings change on a regular basis. The further the...
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The Canadian Technician

75 Point Boxes On The $SPX

Article Image The $SPX has had a nice ladder effect going on recently. Much like the origins of technical analysis found in the early days, the market tends to move forward in ranges. These areas have been quite obvious recently. The range been support levels appears to be about 75 points on the $SPX. Here is a copy of the chart I showed on The...
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Trading Places

Retail Stocks Remain Very Attractive And Here Are A Few To Consider

Article Image About a month ago, I wrote a ChartWatchers article detailing the bullish historical tendencies of retailers during the months of February, March and April. In particular, apparel retailers ($DJUSRA) have shown tremendous bullishness during the months of February, March and April. In addition, the DJUSRA was approaching a key price support level. As it turns out, that price...
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InvestEd Central

Trading Stocks in a Stretched Market

Article Image I made my case to EarningsBeats members this past Wednesday just before we started to see a bit of selling. Here are the highlights: 1-The VIX is up by almost 9% today as it tests its 50 day moving average from the downside even though the market is higher. This is troubling to me as I am seeing fear picking up in spite of today's buying. 2-All of the major indexes are extremely overbought. The...
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Swenlin Trading Oscillators Very Bearish

Article Image The market has been experiencing an almost vertical rally over the past few weeks, but it has cooled over the past two days. The steep rising trend pushed our short-term Swenlin Trading Oscillators (STOs) into highly overbought territory. With...
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The Traders Journal

After 17 years, A Financial Journalist Discloses His "Top Investing Lesson"

Article Image After seventeen years writing an investment column for USA Today, Matt Krantz is joining a money management firm and leaving us with the top lesson he's learned in all those years. Coincidentally and nearly simultaneously, I ran into two former students at a local Starbucks who had attended my class a few years ago. They reminded me of three stocks we had in our class portfolio
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