Symbol Name Exchange
SX.CASt-Georges Eco-Mining Corp.CSE
SAU.TOSt. Augustine Gold and Copper Ltd.TSE
STJ.LSt. James's PlaceLSE
SMP.LSt. Modwen PropertiesLSE
SLNGStabilis Energy Inc.PINK
ETFRXStadion Tactical Defensive FundUSMF
ETFAXStadion Tactical Growth FundUSMF
ETFOXStadion Tactical Growth FundUSMF
STTGXStadion Trilogy FundUSMF
STAFStaffing 360 Solutions, Inc.NASD
STAF.LStaffline GroupLSE
STAGStag Industrial Inc.NYSE
SSIStage Stores, Inc.NYSE
SGC.LStagecoach GroupLSE
SZLS.TOStageZero Life Sciences LtdTSE
SRC.VStakeholder Gold Corp.TSXV
STAMPEDE.INStampede Capital LtdNSE
SCAPDVR.INStampede Capital Ltd - Ordinary Shares - DVRNSE
STMP.VStamper Oil & Gas Corp.TSXV, Inc.NASD
STNDStandard AVB Financial Corp.NASD
STAN.LStandard CharteredLSE
SCBFFStandard Chartered plcPINK
STAN.INStandard Chartered plc - INDRNSE
SDIStandard Diversified Inc.AMEX
SIL.INStandard Industries LtdNSE
SLA.LStandard Life AberdeenLSE
SLI.LStandard Life Investments Prop. Income TrustLSE
SLPE.LStandard Life Private Equity Trust PlcLSE
SLS.LStandard Life UK Smaller Companies TrustLSE
SLL.VStandard Lithium Ltd.TSXV
SMPStandard Motor Prod, Inc.NYSE
SXIStandex Intl Corp.NYSE
SWKStanley Black & Decker Inc.NYSE
SWPStanley Black & Decker, Inc.NYSE
SGI.LStanley Gibbons GroupLSE
HRE.VStans Energy Corp.TSXV
HREEFStans Energy Corp.PINK
STNStantec IncNYSE
STN.TOStantec, Inc.TSE
SBLKZStar Bulk Carriers CorpNASD
SBLKStar Bulk Carriers Corp.NASD
DIAM.TOStar Diamond CorporationTSE
SGUStar Gas Partners L PNYSE
STARPAPER.INStar Paper Mills Ltd.NSE
SBUXStarbucks Corp.NASD
STAR.LStarcom PlcLSE
SAM.TOStarcore Intl Ventures Ltd.TSE
SPHRYStarpharma Holdings Ltd.PINK
STE.VStarr Peak Exploration Ltd.TSXV
SCXStarrett L S Co.NYSE
SRTStartek, Inc.NYSE
SWEF.LStarwood European Real Estate Finance Ltd.LSE
STWDStarwood Property Trust Inc.NYSE
STFCState Auto Financial Corp.NASD
SBIN.INState Bank of IndiaNSE
STFBXState Farm BalancedUSMF
STFGXState Farm Growth FundUSMF
SFITXState Farm InterimUSMF
SFBDXState Farm Municipal Bond FundUSMF
STTState Street Corp.NYSE
STT/PCState Street Corp.NYSE
STSEXState Street Exchange FundUSMF
SIEIXState Street Institutional International Equity FundUSMF
STBIXState Street Institutional Investment Trust Equity 500 IndexUSMF
SIVIXState Street Instl Small-Cap Equity InvUSMF
SUSIXState Street Instutional US Equity FundUSMF
SSGDXState Street Research Equity Trust Global Resources FundUSMF
SGLSXState Street Research Global ResourcesUSMF
SHSSXState Street Research Health ScienceUSMF
SHSAXState Street Research Health Science Fund Class AUSMF
SSDEXState Street Target Retirement 2045 FundUSMF
MITOStealth BioTherapeutics CorpNASD
STTHStealth Technologies IncPINK
SAIL.INSteel Authority of India Ltd.NSE
STEELCITY.INSteel City Securities LtdNSE
STCNSteel Connect, Inc.NASD
STLDSteel Dynamics, Inc.NASD
STEELXIND.INSteel Exchange India LtdNSE
SPLPSteel Partners Holdings LPNYSE
SSWL.INSteel Strips Wheels Ltd.NSE
SCSSteelcase, Inc.NYSE
MLPAXSteelPath MLP Alpha FundUSMF
MLPFXSteelPath MLP Select 40 FundUSMF
SMRTStein Mart, Inc.NASD
SJ.TOStella-Jones, Inc.TSE
EDSAStellar Biotechnologies, Inc.NASD
$XLMUSDStellar to US DollarCRYPT
SCAStellus Capital Investment Corp.NYSE
SCMStellus Capital Investment Corp.NYSE
STH.VStelmine Canada Ltd.TSXV
STMHStem Holdings Inc.PINK
STMLStemline Therapeutics, Inc.NASD
STEP.TOSTEP Energy Services Ltd.TSE
STGO.TOSteppe Gold Ltd.TSE
SVSNStereo Vision Entertainment, Inc.PINK
STXSStereotaxis Inc.AMEX
SRCLStericycle, Inc.NASD
STESteris plcNYSE
SWSOLAR.INSterling and Wilson Solar LtdNSE
STLSterling BancorpNYSE
SBTSterling Bancorp, Inc.NASD
SPSCXSterling Capital Small Cap Value InstitutionalUSMF
STRLSterling Construction Co. Inc.NASD
STRTECH.INSterlite Technologies Ltd.NSE
SHOOSteven Madden, Ltd.NASD
STEVStevia Corp.PINK
SGIDXSteward Global Equity Income FundUSMF
SEACXSteward Select Bond FundUSMF
STCStewart Information Services Corp.NYSE
SCATXSTI Classic Aggressive Growth Stock FundUSMF
SCFTXSTI Classic Florida Tax-Exempt Bond FundUSMF
STCIXSTI Classic Funds Capital Appreciation FundUSMF
STCAXSTI Classic Funds Capital Appreciation TrustUSMF
STITXSTI Classic Funds International Equtiy Fund Trust ShareUSMF
SCETXSTI Classic Funds Small Cap Value Equity Fund TrustUSMF
SSCTXSTI Classic Funds Small Capital Growth FundUSMF
STVTXSTI Classic Funds Value Income TrustUSMF
SAHIXSTI Classic High Income Flex FundUSMF
SISSXSTI Classic Instl Super Short Income Plus fundUSMF
SIGVXSTI Classic Instl U.S. Government Securities Super Short Income Plus fundUSMF
STIGXSTI Classic Investment Grade BondUSMF
STTBXSTI Classic Investment Grade Tax-Exempt Bond FundUSMF
SCLFXSTI Classic Limited-Term Federal Mortgage Securities FundUSMF
SLMTXSTI Classic Limited-Term Federal Mortgage Securities FundUSMF
SMVTXSTI Classic Mid Cap Value FundUSMF
SAMVXSTI Classic Mid-Cap Value FundUSMF
SMVFXSTI Classic Mid-Cap Value FundUSMF
HYPSXSTI Classic Seix High Yield FundUSMF
SSBTXSTI Classic Short-Term Bond FundUSMF
STSBXSTI Classic Short-Term Bond FundUSMF
SCGIXSTI Classic Small Cap Growth Stock FundUSMF
SASVXSTI Classic Small Cap Value Equity FundUSMF
STCEXSTI Classic Small Cap Value Equity FundUSMF
STIFXSTI Classic Strategic Income FundUSMF
SVIIXSTI Classic Value Income Stock FundUSMF
SFStifel Financial Corp.NYSE
STIL.CAStillCanna Inc.CSE
RAY/A.TOStingray Digital Group Inc.TSE
SFIXStitch Fix, Inc.NASD
STMSTMicroelectronics NVNYSE
STOB.LStobart GroupLSE
STCK.LStock Spirits GroupLSE
STOKStoke Therapeutics Inc.NASD
EDFStone Harbor Emerging Markets Income FundNYSE
EDIStone Harbor Emerging Markets Total Income FundNYSE
AVRPXStone Ridge All Asset Variance Risk Premium FundUSMF
LENDXStone Ridge Alternative Lending Risk Premium FundUSMF
SRRIXStone Ridge Reinsurance Risk Premium Interval FundUSMF
BANXStoneCastle Financial Corp.NASD
STNEStoneco Ltd.NASD
SRIStoneridge, Inc.NYSE
SVI.VStorageVault Canada Inc.TSXV
SRX.TOStorm Resources Ltd.TSE
SDY.TOStrad Energy Services Ltd.TSE
SPRLStrat Petroleum LtdPINK
SPOWFStrata Power Corp.PINK
SSKNStrata Skin Sciences, Inc.NASD
SXE.VStrata-X Energy Ltd.TSXV
SB.VStratabound Minerals Corp.TSXV
SSYSStratasys, Inc.NASD
FPIOXStrategic Advisers Income Opportunities FundUSMF
STRAStrategic Education, Inc.NASD
SENRStrategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc.PINK
SEC.LStrategic Equity CapitalLSE
VSEQXStrategic Equity FundUSMF
SMPPStrategic Management & Opportunity CorpPINK
SMD.VStrategic Metals Ltd.TSXV
SMDZFStrategic Metals Ltd.PINK
PCGAXStrategic Partners Conservative Growth FundUSMF
SUVCXStrategic Partners Focused Value FundUSMF
TBDBXStrategic Partners Large Capitalization Growth FundUSMF
TBDCXStrategic Partners Large Capitalization Growth FundUSMF
PURBXStrategic Partners Real Estate Sec BUSMF
HNDLStrategy Shares Nasdaq 7 Handl ETFNASD
ROMOStrategy Shares Newfound/ReSolve Robust Momentum ETFAMEX
STRTStrattec Security Corp.NASD
STRGXStratton Growth FundUSMF
STMDXStratton Monthly DividendUSMF
STSCXStratton Small-Cap ValueUSMF
STRSStratus Properties, Inc.NASD
STRMStreamline Health Solutions Inc.NASD
SRA.VStria Lithium Inc.TSXV
STAR.INStrides Shasun LtdNSE
SFORStrikeForce Technologies, Inc.PINK
SKP.VStrikePoint Gold Inc.TSXV
KETL.LStrix Group PlcLSE
SCSAXStrong Advisor Common StockUSMF
STSAXStrong Advisor Common Stock FundUSMF
SGVDXStrong Government Securities FundUSMF
SGVIXStrong Government Securities FundUSMF
SGRKXStrong Growth FundUSMF
SOPVXStrong OpportunityUSMF
SSHIXStrong Short-Term Bond FundUSMF
SSTHXStrong Short-Term High Yield AdvisorUSMF
SADAXStrong Ultra Short-Term IncomeUSMF
SADIXStrong Ultra Short-Term Income FundUSMF
SBW.VStrongbow Exploration, Inc.TSXV
SBBPStrongbridge Biopharma plcNASD
SQP.TOStrongco Corp.TSE
SYKStryker Corp.NYSE
SOX.TOStuart Olson Inc.TSE
MSCStudio City International Holdings Ltd.NYSE
AFTMStudio One Media, Inc.PINK
STU.LStudio Retail Group PlcLSE
RGRSturm Ruger & Co., Inc.NYSE
SFVAXStyle Select Series, Inc. Focused Value PortfolioUSMF
SIEAXStyle Select Series, Inc. International Equity PortfolioUSMF
INEOSSTYRO.INStyrolution ABS (India) Ltd.NSE
Count: 224
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