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I'm sure that you have seen the information on the upcoming ChartCon 2014 in August, but you may not know that this convention is not just for StockCharts veterans. In fact, it will be invaluable to those new to 

To the DecisionPoint subscribers that followed us to, I know, based on many of the Support requests and questions that this transition has not been easy for everyone. Let me outline for you some of the resources that will not only be available at ChartCon, but also a recap and links to the many educational articles I've written on how to transition and use many of the StockCharts and DecisionPoint functions and content. In fact, you may want to bookmark this blog article for reference later.

If you make your way to ChartCon this year, I would highly recommend coming a day early to take advantage of the optional StockCharts University - SCU 101 - Getting the Most Out of You'll learn all about using from the people that created it in this 7 hour seminar. I am sharing this from first-hand experience. I started at square one with all of you and this course made all the difference in how I was able to understand the navigation of the site and all of the amazing tools available.

For those of you who enjoy meeting the famous, the line-up of technical analysis superstars is beyond compare. If you've studied to become a Certified Market Technician through the Market Technicians Association, you'll recognize some of these key-note speakers as authors of some of the textbooks for the program! You'll be able to learn from experts in the industry. You can read more about the line-up here

For DecisionPoint veterans, I will also be there. I cannot tell you how excited I am to meet and talk with you all. I'll be chairing a breakout session that will cover where all of the DecisionPoint content is and how to take full advantage of it. StockCharts beginners interested in learning more about market timing, you will definitely want to attend one of these sessions. Additionally, I am really looking forward to hosting an optional (and free!) "After Dark" session specifically tailored to teach spouses and beginners alike, what technical analysis is.

So don't think that ChartCon is only for advanced users or technical analysis professionals. It is a celebration of a mutual interest in the area of market technical analysis, charting and timing.

Below I've now listed all of the different educational articles that I have written in case you missed them.

In closing, I hope to see you in August at ChartCon 2014, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of tools and information available on, I can guarantee you will leave the conference feeling more comfortable with not only the website but with the nuances of technical analysis.

Happy Charting!

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