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Finally!  It's only been like - what - 15 years since we moved into this office!  Definitely l-o-n-g overdue (which is actually mostly my fault).

- Chip

Check Out FinGraphs for a New Take on an Old Approach

Today I am pleased to welcome Jean-Francois Owczarczak of to the ranks of our "Top Advisors Corner" commentators.  Jean-Francois and I have met at the previous two IFTA conferences and over that span of time, he has told me a remarkable tale.  His father, Edouard, has been advising bankers in Switzerland since the mid-1960s using purely a technical approach to the markets.  In the early days, since there were no computers and certainly no Internet, Edouard would go from bank to bank carrying his hand-drawn charts in his briefcase(!).  In 1969, Edouard founded his own management company in which his is still very active.  In addition, his sons Jean-Francois and Andre have now joined him and managed to being Edouard's tried and true approach into the 21st century using some unique visualization techniques.

Their approach is so different that, using it, Jean-Francois won the Bronwen Wood Memorial Award from IFTA in 2012 for the best CFTe exam paper that year.

Here's an example of their approach using YHOO:

Basically, they look at three different timeframes and determine - based on their yellow channel overlay and their overbought-oversold indicator - whether the stock is bullish or bearish for each of those three timeframes.  In the case of Yahoo, the screenshot above shows bullish in the long term, bullish in the mid term, but bearish in the short term.  Note that the charts also contain "fuzzy" price projections in either green or red.

To be clear, does not make stock picks or buy/sell recommendations nor do we use proprietary indicators on our website, so fully integrating something like FinGraphs directly into our website is not possible.  That said, we still receive lots requests from our users for stock advice, price targets, etc.  So when I saw what FinGraphs provides - a unique, technicals-based visual representation combined with a long, successful track record and a willingness to blog about their system (something VERY unique in the financial advice industry) - I worked with Jean-Francois to find a way to provide FinGraph's proprietary charts and recommendations to those users that want that kind of information.  Eventaully we came up with an approach that will allow Jean-Francois to post weekly articles in the "Top Advisors Corner" area of the StockCharts website.  His articles will include a special link that gives StockCharts users a nice discount if they decide to subscribe to FinGraphs.

In fact, you can click here right now to see Jean-Francois' first article.

Again, if you are the kind of person that does their own analysis, this is probably not for you.  But if you are looking for a different approach - one that is both new and based in classic technical approaches, check out FinGraphs and what Jean-Francois has to say each week in the Top Advisors Corner section of our Blogs area.

- Chip

"Dancing with the Trend" - A New Blog About Market Breadth by Greg Morris

Today, I'm happy to announce the return of Greg Morris to's writing team.  Greg has authored many popular books on Technical Analysis over the years including "Candlestick Charting Explained" and his latest book, "Investing with the Trend."  Earlier this year, Greg told me that he wanted to update his previous book "The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators" - an idea that I fully supported.  We then got to talking about some of the challenges of writing and promoting books these days.  In case you haven't noticed, the financial book business has changed dramatically over the past decade and Greg was looking at other options for publishing his updated book.  Greg was also very excited about our new "ChartPack" feature which allows book authors to provide their readers with live versions of all the charts from their books.

As Greg and I talked more, we came up with a plan for Greg to write his new book "slowly" - as a collection of blog articles initially published on  The process would take some time but people could read parts of the book much sooner than they normally would in the traditional publishing model.  Once all the parts of the book were published on the website, Greg would then make the combined book available in ebook and online form.  This "slow publishing" model really appealed to Greg and so he and I have been working hard to make it a reality.  This project was in fact one of the main reasons we recently partnered with Pinnacle Data - a partnership that will provide everyone with greatly improved breadth data.

So today we are taking the next step - we are launching Greg's new blog called "Dancing with the Trend."  In his first article, Greg talks about the components of market breadth data - what are they called, where do they come from and how are they used.  This educational article showcases Greg's readable writing style and his passion for teaching.  You can expect many, many more articles along these lines in the coming weeks and months as Greg continues this "slow publishing" process.  I'm confident this experiment will end up being a big treat for everyone.  Be sure to read Greg's first article and then add a comment to the bottom with your thoughts on this project.

Welcome aboard Greg!
- Chip

Re: ShellShocked

Based on the best available information at this time, we are confident that is not vulnerable to the various "ShellShocked" exploits that are being discussed in the press right now.  After a thorough review, we don't think we were ever vulnerable to those exploits.  Our security systems are configured to automatically screen out non-standard requests like those.  That said, we have taken additional steps - including applying the latest available patches - to further protect our site from these security threats.  In addition, we are continuing to monitor credible security sources for additional ways to prevent similar attacks.

- Chip

Mobile Text Alerts Now Available from StockCharts

StockCharts members have had access to custom technical alerts for some time now.  Alerts allow members to receive an email message whenever any technical situation occurs with one or more of their stocks.  They are very similar to our Advanced Scans and can be customized to recognize any set of  indicator-based signals you can imagine.  When a user installs an alert into our system, we automatically run that alert every 60 seconds while the market is open and, if we get any hits from it, we then notify the user via email.

Our Extra and ExtraRT members can create up to 5 different alerts and our PRO users can create up to 50.  For more information on Alerts, please watch this video on the topic.

Again, until now we have only be able to notify you of an alert signal via email however now that has changed.  Today, I'm happy to announce that we now support alerts via Mobile Text messages (SMS)!

As of today you can now select either "Email" or "SMS" from the "via" dropdown on the Alert Workbench page.  If you select SMS, we will send a text message to the phone number that is registered to your account when your alert is triggered.  

Note that it is important to ensure that you have set your correct phone number in your account area.  You can check to see which phone number we have on file by clicking on the "Your Account" link in the upper right corner of any of our webpages.

There is no additional fees required to take advantage of this new feature.  Just start using it.  It is yet another way we are continuing to improve

- Chip


A Hearty Welcome to for All of Martin Pring's Subscribers!

Today I'm thrilled to announce that and are merging! is now the new home for Martin Pring's market commentary and his loyal subscribers are becoming members of as a result.

If you are one of's users, welcome!  We are very glad to see you here.

In case you missed it, here is the email message that Martin sent out earlier talking about the merger:

Dear Weekly InfoMovie Subscriber,

After many years, the Pring Infomovie Report is getting a long-needed face-lift and is taking on a new lease on life!  The InfoMovie Report will no longer be published by Pring Research, Inc., instead, we have begun a new partnership with where the report will continue to be published under the Martin Pring Market Roundup (PMR) banner and offer you a plethora of extra goodies!

As of  this weekend,  the balance of your subscription will be fulfilled by  Of course, you do not have to transfer over to if you do not wish to and are free to cancel at any time. However, we think you will find the benefits of this transition to be a win-win situation!

Here’s what you will receive:

  1. The same downloadable printed report published at least 48-times per year and a bi-monthly InfoMovie at the same cost as a full subscription to the current weekly report.
  2. In addition, you are getting a new StockCharts "Extra" subscription that includes frequent reports and videos by John Murphy, Arthur Hill, Greg Schnell and others.
  3. Your new StockCharts Extra membership also gives you the ability to save ChartLists (electronic chart books) and templates (called ChartStyles) so you can rotate through your favorite chart collections at the click of a mouse!
  4. Intraday data is also included as is the ability to scan pre-selected data lists for specific technical conditions or combinations of conditions and receive custom email alerts for the same conditions.
  5. The ability to plot several of my proprietary indicators you have seen in the InfoMovie Report such as the Bottom Fisher, the Bond, Global and Commodity Net New Highs Indicator and others, as well as StockCharts' huge inventory of internal market and sector indicators! In fact, you will be able to click on the charts in the report for a live updated link at any time!
  6. You will also be able to plot familiar “Pring” indicators such as the KST and Special K.

Prior to this year, I wasn’t familiar with the range of charting tools and data available at StockCharts, nor their vast educational resource library, but I must say, I’ve been very impressed with what I have seen, not only in terms of  technical resources and capabilities, but in particular with the ethics and competency of Chip Anderson and his team.

If you’re already a StockCharts Extra, Extra RT or Pro subscriber, StockCharts will extend your account for you automatically and you will no longer need to subscribe to the Infomovie Report because it will be included in your subscription.  If you are not already a subscriber, StockCharts will soon send you a customized email with instructions for accessing your new account.  When your new subscription expires, StockCharts will send you instructions for renewing because we will not be giving them your credit card information.  If your email security settings  are set to exclude spam be sure to allow email from "", otherwise you will not receive email notifications of  my weekly reports.

Please note that the Intermarket Review will continued to be published by Pring Research, Inc. and is unaffected by this arrangement.

I want to personally thank you for subscribing to the Infomovie Report and guarantee you will receive more than your current benefits under the new arrangement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 941-926-9664.

In the meantime,

Good Luck and Good Charting!

Martin J. Pring

Again, we'll be sending you your new credentials very soon via email.  Once you have your account information, you can log in by clicking the "Login" link in the top right corner of any page.  And, once you are logged in, you can access Martin's commentary by clicking on the "Pring's Market Roundup" link in the Commentary box on the right side of our homepage - or just click here.

As I said before, I am thrilled to welcome you to our website.  We are working hard to increase Martin's ability to communicate his market insight and educational ideas out to as many people as possible.  And if you have time to kill between Martin's updates, why not try reading some of our other award-winning authors as well?

Welcome aboard!
- Chip

28 Things to Remember About Creating and Saving Charts and ChartStyles

Recently, one of our support engineers was working with a user that had become confused about how our system of SharpCharts, ChartLists and ChartStyles worked.  They had watched all of the videos, but something hadn't clicked for some reason.  To help determine where the confusion was coming from, Cole sent the user a long list of simple "rules" to remember about how those parts of our website work.  I thought I'd share that list with everyone.  It starts off with some really basic stuff just to make sure of the terminology, but hang in there, somewhere in this list could be the "key" you need to make everything fall into place.

(Note, the list was written for a Basic member so there isn't a lot of discussion about using different ChartLists.  Maybe we'll do an "Extra" version of this list at some point in the future if people respond positively.)

1.) We have two main charting tools - SharpCharts and P&F Charts.
2.) SharpCharts are what we call our main bar/candlestick charts.
3.) P&F Charts are the charts with Xs and Os on them.
4.) You create and modify a SharpChart using the settings on the page we call the "SharpCharts Workbench"
5.) We have a completely different workbench page for creating P&F charts (which aren't covered in this list)
6.) There are several ways to create a SharpChart from scratch:
     a.) Type a ticker symbol into the "Create a Chart" box at the top of any page and click "Go"
     b.) Click on the "SharpCharts Workbench" link on the "Members" page 
     c.) Click on any of the big symbols in the middle of our homepage, etc.
7.) When a brand new SharpChart is created, we use a collection of settings called the "Default ChartStyle" to create the chart. You can change your "Default ChartStyle" to have any settings that you like, but again, remember that those settings are only used when a brand new chart is created.  (More on this below.)
8.) After changing the settings for a SharpChart, click the "Update" button to refresh the workbench with your new settings.
9.) A SharpChart consists of a ticker symbol plus all the other settings you see on the workbench. When a SharpCharts is saved into your account, _both_ the ticker symbol and all the other settings are saved together (along with any annotations that you have added). 
10.) To save a new SharpChart into your account, click on the "Save As" link located above the right corner of the chart.
11.) You can save up to 500 SharpCharts in your Basic account. (You can upgrade to Extra if you want to save more or if you want to save your charts into different groups.)
12.) There are several different ways to view your saved SharpCharts. Here are the two main ways:
     a.) Click on the "Your Saved Charts" link on the "Members" page to see your charts in a special "10-per-page" view. Note that "10-per-page" view is different from the SharpCharts Workbench. You cannot modify your charts in 10-per-page view. If you click on any of the charts while looking at them in 10-per-page view, you will then see that chart by itself on the SharpCharts workbench and you can then modify it.
     b.) Go to the SharpCharts Workbench and then select your saved chart from the dropdown located above the chart.
13.) Saved charts are always shown in alphabetic order. To rearrange them, change their name (see below). We suggest using a 4-digit number in front of each chart's name.
14.) To change a chart's name from the SharpCharts Workbench, click on the "Save As..." link and change the name before clicking the "Save" button.
15.) To change a chart's name from 10-per-page view, click on the chart's current name and then it will become editable.
16.) If you modify the settings for a SharpChart that you have previously saved, you can click on the "Save" link to overwrite the old version of your chart with the new settings.
17.) When you are on the SharpCharts Workbench, you can use the "View All" link above the chart to switch back to 10-per-page mode.
18.) All of the settings on the workbench _except_ the main ticker symbol box can be saved separately as a "chart template" that we call a "ChartStyle."
19.) ChartStyles are used for creating new charts from a ticker symbol. The settings from the ChartStyle are combined with the ticker symbol from the existing chart to create a brand new, independent chart. If you want to keep that new chart, you'd need to save it into your account using the "Save As" link.
20.) There is no continuing link between a ChartStyle and any charts that have been created from it. If the ChartStyle is changed later, the saved charts are unaffected.
21.) In general, you should not have a lot of ChartStyles saved into your account. You should create ChartStyles for any specific type of chart that you find yourself creating again and again.
22.) To create a ChartStyle, create a chart with the setting you use frequently, then click on the "+" symbol on the left side of the chart. Give your style a name and press "Add New".
23.) The thin grey boxes located the left of your chart on the SharpCharts Workbench are called "StyleButtons." They allow you to apply a ChartStyle to a ticker symbol with one click.
24.) When you create a new ChartStyle, it is automatically assigned to a new StyleButton.
25.) There are two ways to apply a ChartStyle to a ticker symbol:
     a.) Select the style from the "ChartStyles" dropdown below the chart.
     b.) Click on the StyleButton for that style. Note: Clicking on a StyleButton immediately replaces your current chart settings with the settings for the ChartStyle.
26.) Applying a ChartStyle creates a _new_ chart that is unrelated to any other chart in your account. If you want to keep the new chart, you need to save it by clicking on the "Save As..." link.
27.) To change the "Default" ChartStyle for your account (i.e., the style that is used to create a chart from just a ticker symbol), create a chart that looks like what you always want to see, then click the "Set as Default" link located below the chart.
28.) To change your StyleButtons, click on the ">" symbol located to the left of your chart. Click and drag the "horizontal bars" icon up or down to rearrange the order of your ChartStyles. Styles positioned above the "Buttons" line will have corresponding StyleButtons.

Was there anything in that list that was an "A-ha!" moment for you?  (#19 and #20 are common sources of confusion.)  If so, please let us know in the comments.

- Chip  (& Cole)

Martin Pring is Joining!

Today I am thrilled to annouce that Martin Pring will be joining as an official market analyst starting next month.  In case you don't know (how could you not know?), Martin is the author of numerous books on Technical Analysis including "Technical Analysis Explained" and "Introduction to Technical Analysis."  He has been speaking to audiences about technical analysis for decades.  He is also the creator of the popular "Know Sure Thing (KST)" indicator.  Martin's market insights compliment those of our existing analysts - John Murphy, Arthur Hill, Greg Schnell, Carl Swenlin and Erin Heim - perfectly.  His wisdom and decades of experience means that StockCharts will continue to be the place on the Internet for high-quality, educational, useful market analysis based on technicals.

Once things are fully up-to-speed, Martin will be posting in-depth market commentary and videos regularly for StockCharts members to read.  He will also be contributing to our free, twice-monthly newsletter.  For now, I wanted to give you a taste of the kind of commentary Martin will be providing to members.  Enjoy!

- Chip

Martin Pring's Market Roundup

April 23rd, 2014 Headlines:

  • Stocks break down big time against commodities
  • IGE/XLP (Inflation/deflation ratio) breaks in favor of IGE
  • Brent Crude close to a major breakout
  • Industrial metals with the exception of copper break to the upside.
  • Spider Metals and Mining (XME) close to major upside breakout
  • Energy Relative Strength starting to improve
  • Coal has been a laggard but that is likely to change

Read on for details.
- Martin

Continue reading "Martin Pring is Joining!" »

Facebook isn't Free

Yesterday, we held a StockCharts Hat giveaway on our Facebook page as part of our 15 year anniversary celebration.  It was a ton of fun seeing our Facebook friends quickly snap up the 15 hats we offered on the page.  We then started to contact the winners asking for their shipping information.

Facebook decided that was a no-no.

Why?  We have no idea.  Shouldn't Facebook know that we are a legit company by this point?  Probably - we've been using them for 5+ years now to promote our site AND we've paid them lots of money to advertise on their site.

Regardless, Facebook suddenly locked our account and demanded that we send them a photo of a valid "government issued photo ID" in order to have our account unlocked.  Now, I don't know about you - but that raised all kinds of issues with me.

  1. We're a business.  Businesses don't have government issued photo IDs.
  2. Facebook should know who we are by now.
  3. Contacting people that "Like" us and commented on our page is not strange or unusual.
  4. It is a HUGE invasion of privacy to require someone to send a photo of their driver's license over the Internet, ever.
  5. Photos of ID cards can easily be faked.
  6. I'm trying to have a business relationship with Facebook - our social page is important to us and our users - yet they treat me, literally, like a criminal.  "License and registration please."

But here's the kicker - what can we do?  Our Facebook page is important and currently, we can't do anything to it.  We can't even delete it(!).  So I sent Facebook a "redacted" version of my ID in protest.  We'll see what happens.  For now we have no choice but to wait until the "powers that be" decide our fate.

The real losers are our Facebook followers because until this is resolved, we can't do any more of the fun 15-year giveaways we were planning.  We're looking into doing those giveaways in some other manner.  Stay tuned.

Facebook isn't free.

- Chip


It's Our Birthday and You'll Save If You Want To!

Happy 15th Birthday StockCharts!

15 years ago we started this crazy journey and to celebrate, starting today - April 15th - and for the next 15 days - we are celebrating with our biggest special ever!

For starters, if you subscribe for one year during the special, you'll get 15 months for the price of 12.  Click here for more.

Or, if you are already a member and you renew for one year during the special, you'll get 15 months for the price of 12 as well. Click here for more.

But wait... there's more!

Are you a member and are you thinking about upgrading your account to a higher service level?  Upgrade during the special, and we'll knock 15% off the cost of the upgrade.  Click here for more.

Oh yeah, our books are on sale too!  Just use the discount code "SCC15" when checking out of our online store during the the special and we'll take 15% off your total order.  Click here for more.

So that's all for our 15th year celebration... Oh wait.  Hang on.  We forgot about our Facebook page.  We have to do something for our Facebook Friends...

So we'll be giving out free StockCharts hats everyday for the next 15 days - just Like/watch our Facebook page for details.

AND FINALLY... Are you on the fence about coming to ChartCon 2014?  Well, the next 15 people to register for ChartCon will also receive a free copy of John Murphy's master work "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets" signed by John himself!  Click here for conference details.

So, welcome to the party!  We're thrilled and honored to have earned and kept your business so far.  At age 15, we're the oldest startup you'll ever encounter.  Here's to the next 15!

- Chip

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