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Lots of New SCTRs are Coming to StockCharts

ScooterssWe're happy to announce that today we have greatly increased the number of stocks that are ranked by our StockCharts Technical Ranking system (SCTRs - pronounced "Scooters").

Scooters are our very popular system for ranking stocks based on their technical strength.  Prior to today, we were only able to rank the 1500 US stocks that were part of the S&P 500 (Large-caps), the S&P 400 (Mid-caps) and the S&P 600 (Small-caps).   Now we have expanded the Small-cap universe to include all stocks in the Russell 2000 and we have expanded the Mid-cap universe to include 200 additional stocks that the S&P 400 did not include.  This has more than doubled the number of stocks in our ranking system.

So now, for example, we have SCTR values for Avis Car Rental (CAR), Freddy Mac (FMCC),   Fanny Mae (FNMA), and even World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE).

To see the complete list of stocks listed by their SCTR value, go to our homepage and click on the "SCTR Rankings" link located just below the yellow chart.  Or just click here.

For more details on how SCTR values are calculated, please see this article.


  • The Advanced Scan keywords for the different US SCTRs has changed from SCTR.sp5, SCTR.sp4, and SCTR.sp6 to the more descriptive SCTR.large, SCTR.mid, and SCTR.small.  (The old wording still works but is not preferred.)
  • No changes have been made to the ETF or TSX SCTR universes
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to back-calculate historical SCTR values for the newly ranked stocks so their "SCTR Line" indicators are currently only one dot long.  It will increase in time however.
  • We have chosen to exclude foreign stocks that trade in the US from our SCTR system.

Enjoy these additional SCTR values!  Hopefully they will help you find even more interesting stocks to analyze.

- Chip

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