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SCTR Line Indicator Now Available

SCTR LINE INDICATOR NOW AVAILABLE - We've just added the SCTR Line Indicator to our SharpCharts Workbench.  This allows you to see the historical trend of a stock's daily SCTR values over time.  Here's a link to an example.  Enjoy!

New eBook from Alexander Elder: "To Trade or Not to Trade" - Only $8.00

New eBook for StockCharts Users from Alexander Elder. Only $8.00! - Dr. Elder, the author of legendary trading books like Trading for a Living and Come Into My Trading Room, has just released a new downloadable eBook exclusively for StockCharts users called "To Trade or Not To Trade, A Beginner's Guide".  Click here to learn more.

European Stock Coverage Ending on March 1st

EUROPEAN STOCK COVERAGE ENDING ON MARCH 1st - European subscribers need to read Chip's blog post about our decision to end our coverage of European stocks on March 1st.

Market Message Videos Now Viewable with iPads and iPhones

MARKET MESSAGE VIDEOS NOW AVAILABLE TO iPAD/iPHONE USERS - We've just added links to Arthur Hill's Market Message videos that allow subscribers with iPads and iPhones to view those videos.  Links have been added for all December and January episodes.  Enjoy!